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Its high time Gen. Rawat must respond to abuses hurled at him

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

I was shocked, distressed and angry when I heard Sandeep Dixit calling our Army Chief ‘Sadak Ka Goonda’. Although he apologized about it later, hasn’t it become a fashion to abuse our own Army Chief in India? India is a country where greatest war epics like ‘Mahabharat’ and ‘Ramayana’ were born. It is a country which respects and worships warriors. No country I repeat no country on this planet insults the army chief the way it has been done in India. Even Pakistan whose army colonizes its citizens reveres its army. I don’t say Army is above everything and they are unquestionable but abusing it unnessecarily is surely unpardonable. Does the opposition really understand what it is doing?

According to me, Gen. Rawat is one of the most efficient army chiefs we ever had. He has handled the situation in Kashmir very well. He has always stood by his troop at times taking enmity from the whole system. May be his toughness and his honesty is making him a soft target of opposition and the paid stooges of foreign elements. I never imagined the opposition of India to stoop so low and of course they have their cheerleaders in media to publicize and print every crap they utter. From Sanjay Nirupam to Arvind Kejriwal and now Sandeep Dixit everyone has abused the Army and Army Chief in one or the other way. Communist always have hatred for the Indian Army that is a long history I will surely try to cover in another article. Right from his appointment Gen. Rawat is facing the wrath of opposition. Then when he gave tough statement regarding stone pelters, the people who don’t even have the guts to stand for two minutes on battlefield advised him to refrain from giving such statements.

Gen. Rawat did not respond in strict words as we, the masses  were expecting him to. Then “intellectual” like Partha Chaterjee compared him to Gen. Dyer in the article featured in ‘The Wire’. It boiled my blood. And I am very sure millions of Indias would have been angry on this as I was. Still Gen. Rawat remained silent. And the next came along by Sandeep Dixit, a dynast, comparing him to a street thug. General Rawat is still silent taking on these abuses. What surprises and angers me more is the silence of Prime Minister and President of India. President is the supreme commander of all the three forces. At least these both should have condemned this statements.

I think, Gen. Rawat and Army must stand for themselves if no one stands for them. And I am sure masses will support the Army. They always have and they always will. Its really high time Gen. Rawat should condemn the obnoxious abuses hurled at him and the army in as harsh words as possible otherwise it will be a fashion to politicize and abuse the army everytime.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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