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Rahul Gandhi blatantly promotes gangster-turned-politician Mohammed Nalapad

Rahul Gandhi blatantly promotes Bengaluru based gangster-turned-politician Mohammed Nalapad who is out on conditional bail in an attempt to murder case

Rattled opposition and clueless dynast – Save India, elect Modi

The paradox is that both the dynast and tukde tukde gangs does not want Modi and simultaneously the regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, TRS, TDP, AAP does not want congress and vice versa.

क्यों राहुल गाँधी केवल कांग्रेस के लिए ही नहीं अपितु देश के युवाओं के भविष्य के लिए भी उचित नहीं

राहुल गाँधी जो की पार्टी का बेड़ा पार नही कर पा रहें वे देश का भावी क्या सुधारेंगें?

Its high time Gen. Rawat must respond to abuses hurled at him

Now opposition and their pet media have a new agenda: From questioning to abusing Indian Army.

Congress writes its final chapter after butchering a cow in Kerala

The politics of hate has gone to low. All the Opposition parties are firing in dark and at some or other point, their bullets are hitting themselves only.

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