Rattled opposition and clueless dynast – Save India, elect Modi

The entire opposition camp is rattled and frustrated. From suffering defeat in Supreme Court for their demand more VVIP’s to lodging untenable complains to EC about Narendra Modi, now most of them have decided to come together to announce a PM face. India is in great danger of suffering instability from the regional parties who are acting more as spoil sports in Indian politics to defeat the agenda of development, sab ka vikas and national security of Modi.

Congress party of the dynast and the several other regional parties (tukde tukde gangs) want to form government possibly with the support of the dynast but certainly do not want the dynast to be their leader. Congress party of the dynast, as it looks like, is ready to do anything to stop Modiji and is ready even to play the game of ‘I lose, you win’.

The dynast doesn’t mind getting defeated and or not bothered about India, but does not want Modi. The irony is that Indians also do not want such an unwise, lying dynast to lead the country.

Indians must be worried and cautious of the fact that the dynast doesn’t mind even defeating India just to stop Modi. It means for the dynast and other regional parties are bother only about power and opportunity to loot India, even if India perish, they don’t mind but Modi should not come to power. The reason is that if Modi comes back to power again he would permanently put an end to corruption, dynastic rule and such situation would naturally eliminate all such corrupt political parties from Indian politics.  Such fear of all corrupt parties is quite natural.

The paradox is that both the dynast and tukde tukde gangs does not want Modi and simultaneously the regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, TRS, TDP, AAP does not want congress and vice versa. Imagine if all these parties are going to form a government in India means how harmful it can be to our future? Every party wants their exclusive political agenda to be accomplished and their rein of corruption to thrive than about India, what about the fate of India and millions of Indians?

Need of the hour is stability, a stable government, a decisive Prime Minister – Modi, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynasty, governance dedicated to development and sab ka vikas, national security and national dignity, wealth and welfare in equal measure…… The above mantra should drive people to elect Modi and save India.

The price people would pay for electing either the dynast or the regional divisive forces would be multi-fold. The repercussions of such wrong decision would not limit with immediate 5 years of damage but such mistake would cause near permanent destruction and disaster to India’s economy, growth, dignity, national security etc.

Only 2014 India really got independence from the dynastic forces and the rule of lawlessness, corruption, nepotism and minority appeasement. Narendra Modi led BJP when got massive mandate in 2014, it was not just the victory of BJP or Modi but in truth it was the victory of INDIA. 

Modi has delivered exemplary governance, brought diverse reforms, taken several path breaking initiatives, several fetes to uplift the dignity and life style of poor and also showed to the world that India also knows how to retaliate.

If the regional parties fight for the development of the respective states, that must be supported but how can we support the regional parties when kindle regional supremacy and play divide India emotion. 

Modi is working tirelessly for make in India, one India, one tax, one civil law, one cultural identity called Hinduism etc. But the regional parties are scared that if people of their state started to think of India, the political identity of such parties would suffer great defeat, therefore they oppose Modi ruthlessly, the best example is the dangerous politics of DMK in Tamil Nadu.  Amma, MGR, Kamaraj, all stood for Tamil Nadu as well as for strong India. Therefore all those believe and respect Kamaraj, MGR and Amma are supporting Modi to save the state and India.

People of Delhi must realize the truth that how disastrous and destructive is AAP. Abuse and then apologise is the political culture of AAP. Speaking lie, spread negativity, hatred and then offer unconditional apology is the political culture of the dynast of the congress.

The dynast who enjoys his freedom due to the bail granted to him by the court in corruption case is talking about corruption, scam etc., and is calling Modi, the avatar of honesty, straightforwardness and merit, chor.


Defeat lie, negativity, dynasty, nepotism, corruption, scam, minority appeasement, pseudo-secularism and elect honesty, fairness, corruption free governance, governance meant for development, sab ka vikas and national security, governance free of scam and nepotism, the party that stands for merit and not dynasty – Modi and BJP.

Save India, elect Modi should be the mantra people should chat, spread and follow.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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