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Congress out of United Opposition

Why Amit Shah should thank Priyanka Vadra

For the Congress, the interests of the Family always comes before interests of the party. If the MGB gets below 35 seats, Amit Shah should thank only Priyanka Vadra.

Rattled opposition and clueless dynast – Save India, elect Modi

The paradox is that both the dynast and tukde tukde gangs does not want Modi and simultaneously the regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, TRS, TDP, AAP does not want congress and vice versa.

Why Congress’s caste-religion gambit is set to fail in 2019

The rising popularity of BJP in North, West and East has forced Congress to rely heavily on UPA partners and other smaller regional parties for sake of a contest, resulting in a very small seat share for itself.

Media to form Alliance with Congress, waiting for Internet to come on board

The media team is projecting every achievement of India (or Nehru or Indira) as his - after all, generations conspired to get Rahul here. What is an alliance here and there when the media is there?

Is SP-BSP Gathbandhan a mistake based on Pure Airthmetic?

Both SP and BSP parties are two different side of a coin, which was not supposed to be at one side, Both parties did hate politics for decades against each other.

लोकसभा चुनाव: भाजपा की अगली सबसे बड़ी चुनौती होगी ‘कांग्रेस पार्टी का घोषणा पत्र’

इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है कि राहुल गाँधी के घोषणा-पत्र में भारी आर्थिक रियायतों का ऐलान होगा, कर्जमाफी जैसे वादे होंगे, कई ऐसे वादे होंगे जो आँखें चौंधिया देंगी क्योंकि कांग्रेस के पास इसके अलावा कोई विकल्प नहीं है।

Results of Mahagathbandhan in Karnataka

Karnataka govt. is a perfect trailer of, how would the govt. be like, if Mahagathbandhan comes to power in 2019 general election.

Why Priyanka ‘Gandhi’ Vadra is just an another cover-up

Even if in LS elections Priyanka fails “Officially” to gather votes, then EVM will be the alternate cover up.

Rahul Gandhi with many cradles and play schools in Indian politics

Indeed Rahul Gandhi is a liberal politician who alone can act two roles simultaneously in Indian politics.

Why the Mahagathbandhan is good for the BJP

None of them wants the other to win more. So while they will show up together, they will play spoiler in the background.

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