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Rahul Gandhi with many cradles and play schools in Indian politics

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Several media houses and political Pundits may be due some obvious reasons show historic affection towards the family of the dynast– Rahul Gandhi and are writing columns after columns highlighting the political vastness, intelligence and shrewdness of the dynast. Ironically the sacred respect of Rahul Gandhi towards Maya and Akhilesh in open air and simultaneously putting up his sister Priyanka Vadra to oppose BSP+SP combine and BJP, both strategies of the dynast are appreciated by the scholars of the dynast in equal measure.

Similarly Mamata Banarjee of TMC has beautifully crafted bi-polar politics in West Bengal by recognizing and opposing BJP as the main political opponent in West Bengal and leaving no space for either congress or communist party. Both these parties are losing their share of vote, political space and relevance in the state which the congress party in West Bengal is wary of, but the dynast is quite cool and indifferent to the ground realities and wants to support Mamata for her cause to stop CBI investigations against Sharada scam. Interestingly congress party in the past has made huge noise about Sharada scam and alleged TMC was involved in the scam but now wants to put up Janus face with full of love for TMC and the other against CBI investigation against the scam allegation that the congress has made against TMC in the past.

May be the political immaturity of the dynast wants him to have several cradles and play schools to learn politics either in UP under Madam Maya or in West Bengal under Madam Mamata, so he is not bothered about his personal stand which he gracefully contradict when he wear the cap of president of congress party. Indeed Rahul Gandhi is a liberal politician who alone can act two roles simultaneously in Indian politics.

The dynast wants to oppose all of them if they do not accommodate congress in their fold but at the same time he also wants to keep his cradle and play school safe with all those regional parties.

The question is can we call such a person wise, smart, intelligent? At best we can only call such person as unclear, unwise and lack political maturity and prudence. It looks like the dynast is not clear about his success, therefore he believes strongly that all his aunts and uncles in Indian politics in various regional parties may resurrect him and fulfill his ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India due to the inherent contradictions between different regional parties and several Prime Minister Applicants.

The most interesting aspect is that there are several Prime Minister aspirants are contesting against each other but are claiming to the people of India that they are fighting together to defeat BJP. They want to defeat BJP only to become Prime Minister of India and not for the country or people.

In the multi-corned fight of several Prime Minister aspirants, Rahul Gandhi is thinking that he would be chosen when the fight among different regional parties for the post of Prime Minister of India became acute therefore he wants to oppose them and simultaneously wants to be graceful not to rock his cradle which when he chose to sleep in it in future.

The present generation people and first time voters must recognize the truth that 2019 is the best and the only chance for them to save India from the Tukde Tukde gangs. With the recent Dharna drama by Mamata in West Bengal, she had spoiled the budding Prime Minister ambition of Mayavathi of BSP and the so called level player Yashwant Sinha.

The clueless Chandrababu Naidu is running from Telengana to Delhi to West Bengal and so is DMK. None of the regional parties have any clue or idea as to where they should go and how they should face election. Only thing common among them is to oppose the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They all want to oppose the Prime Minister because they all have a common reason to fear that is Narendra Modi. He is firm against corruption and is not going to spare the corrupt.

The corrupts wants to get rid of the most honest Prime Minister of India because as long as he is in the helm of affairs, he not only would stop them from engaging in scams but also would put them behind bars for their corrupt actions in the past.

People of India must realize the absolute truth that it is now or never for them.  If they vote for the regional parties and the party of the dynast, the India that is built brick by brick by the PM Modi in the last 4.5 years would go to drain and the rule of scam, corruption, nepotism and dynasty will back in action.  India needs development and sab ka vikas agenda of PM Modi. India is inch away from its eternal salvation and therefore re-election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India is necessary.  Let us save India, let us elect the Narendra Modi led BJP again.

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