Why Priyanka ‘Gandhi’ Vadra is just an another cover-up

I was just scrolling my Newsfeed a couple of days ago when I saw some Congress friends of mine celebrating over the news that Mrs. Vadra has been appointed as the Congress’ General Secretary in charge of the eastern part of UP.

The jubilation of certain Congress leaders was confusing for me, some of them became so excited that they even compared Mrs. Vadra as a reincarnated Indira Ji. Now why it was confusing for me because the same reincarnated Indira Ji had campaigned for UP elections two years back in which Congress was white-washed. In fact, Mrs. Vadra has been campaigning for her family’s party back since 2004. She was her mother’s campaign manager and has also been a supervisor to Rahul Gandhi ever since he came to Amethi. It is not hidden to anyone how much Congress workers in Amethi are fond of the slogan, “Amethi ka danka, bitiya Priyanka”.

This clearly shatters the image projected by the Congress party that Mrs. Vadra is new loan for the defaulter family corporation. But still I have to praise the optimism of the Grand Old Party, in UP the Mahagathbandhan didn’t even considered Congress as an ally and what was more shameful that they were ready to give more seats to RLD!

Despite this Congress party has tried to instill a new vigor and confidence in party workers by making Mrs. Vadra join politics “Officially”.

But when I ponder about this announcement it seems like another cover up by Gandhi family to facade Its incompetency and failures. Even if in LS elections Priyanka fails “Officially” to gather votes, then EVM will be the alternate cover up.

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