Results of Mahagathbandhan in Karnataka

In the Mahagathbandhan rally that had taken place in Kolkata a couple of weeks back, former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda had asserted that the coalition government can give a better administration than the Modi-led government.

The constant tug of war between JDS -Congress coalition government in Karnataka has been reflected in the statement of Congress leaders as well. The Mahaghatbandan of Opposition Parties has been variously described by politicians as an elephant and an evergreen metaphor.

The grand alliance relevance is a common commitment to oppose the BJP that would make it difficult for members to compete with the largest part emerging from polls support for forming the next government. All the leaders in the grand alliance who are portraying as anti BJP were actually corrupt. They create a huge gathering but there is no ideology or agenda. The grand alliance is created with a motive to defeat BJP but leaders themselves are busy in internal competition.

The opposition is trying to create an illusion in the public. But nobody in the opposition parties knows how many seats who will get.

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