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I will take a selfie too

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A teenager took the world by a storm because he dared to ask two big world leaders for a selfie. Was this storm in the tea-cup? I ask India Today and Times Now. Do you really have no important news to telecast other than making the teenager a hero because he dared to take a selfie with the big leaders? When we are at this stage that we are criticizing selfies and people who are busy with selfies, this teenager is being made a celebrity for his act of taking the selfie.

How am I supposed to explain my younger generation about selfies? Should I tell them that selfies are bad but selfies with important personalities are good, so make sure to take a selfie when you get a chance to meet a celebrity or world leader because it can make you a star overnight! We hear about selfies becoming detrimental to people’s lives because they forget to live in the moment because they are busy taking and posting selfies at various occasions and in various situations. Everything comes with positive and negative effects.

Did we not break a protocol by asking the world leaders for a selfie? The two world leaders were extremely polite and courteous in obliging the teenager for his request, but aren’t we supposed to be courteous in greeting the world leaders and maintaining the etiquette in their presence? Is the teenager being applauded for not maintaining the etiquette?

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