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Narendra Modi in USA

बस यूँ ही- परदेस में भारत माता की जय और अच्छे दिन

प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी के स्वागत में अमेरिका का भारतीय समुदाय उत्साह में है। भारत माता की जय और वन्दे मातरम के नारों से मन झूम उठता है। गर्व की अनुभूति होती है जब विश्व के इतने शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र की धरा पर वन्दे मातरम बोला जाए। अच्छे दिन यही तो हैं।

HOWDY MODI! Trump welcomes Modi in Houston!

Earlier, USA was important for India and now India is important for USA, This is difference that Modi brought.

Blinded by Modi’s hatred? A response to Christine Ro

Christine Ro with her recent piece in Forbes on Modi, asks us to believe Zahid Khan, a restaurant worker, in New York, but doesn't want to recognize the facts and reports provided by better sources like UNICEF and Gates Foundation regarding India's betterment post Modi Govt.

Howdy Modi, optics yes, but mattered too

Message is loud and clear. Indo-US strategic partnership is now not merely ‘history in the making’ as Modi alluded to, but history made.

What India gained with Modi’s recent visit to the USA

The U.S. visit of Mr Modi was quite a successful one in every aspect, leaving behind one which was the delay in trade deal between USA and India which both the countries promised to deliver soon.

I will take a selfie too

The news level of MSM is stooping day by day. Either selective outrage or just useless news- that's what you can expect from them.

Overcome jealous, praise Modi like Trump, Ravan, Kamsa, Hiranyakashipu, Karna all were victims of jealous 

The legitimate and judicious appreciations and praises of Donald Trump for PM Modi in defining and shaping the destiny and fortune of India and India defining the world has rattled most of the opposition parties.

Was American President referring to UPA regime of scam when praised the good governance of PM Modi?

The veiled reference of Donald Trump about various scam allegations of UPA 1 and 2 by stating that India was ‘torn’ before PM Modi became Prime Minister of India as he brought back the dignity and international recognition to the country really fixes the congress party.

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