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Was American President referring to UPA regime of scam when praised the good governance of PM Modi?

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The US President praised PM Modi richly after recognizing how PM Modi has governed India without scam and corruption, how PM Modi has achieved several social welfare schemes to ensure sab ka vikas, how PM Modi has shown commitment and leadership for global cause like climate change, terrorism, elimination of poverty, sanitation, energy conservation, water conservation, reduced use of plastics etc.

PM Modi richly deserve all such appreciations and tributes and India is proud that the President Donald Trump, the President of America, the world’s biggest, mightiest, richest and scientifically advanced country for praising PM Modi the leader of millions of India, the icon of one of the oldest civilizations of the world– Hinduism, maestro of development, good governance and who introduced honesty and accountability in Indian politics in the recent times.

When we engage heavily on the floral and poetic tributes of Donald Trump upon Modi, we also must recognise another important reference of Trump about India.


We must decode the tactical expressions of Donald Trump about India before PM Modi came to power in 2014.

No doubt India was highly disenchanted, down with shame and humiliation due to several scam allegations such as 2G, INX Media etc. Indians were so shattered and hopeless. It was filled by corruption, dynastic politics and union of divisive forces, sycophants, tukde tukde gangs trying to steal the governance in India, all India was witnessing and undergoing. In the midst of such pandemonium and bedlam state, PM Modi came to the centre stage like how Lord Krishna appeared before Arjuna when he was utterly dismayed in the battle field.   

The question to be asked is that, was USA also worried about the growing scam allegations in India under UPA 1 and 2? Today several tukde tukde gangs often quote some news clipping in US print media reporting religious disharmony in India may to pay fodder to some opposition parties as a gesture of mutual help and rewards. Will the same tukde tukde gangs ever try to ask what Donald Trump, the President of America meant by the statement that India was torn before Modi became Prime Minister of India and Modi has rebuilt India from such ruins?

Not only Donald Trump recognized the greatness of Modi and praised him richly; certainly Modi deserve more such praises, the same Donald Trump also appears to have recognized the scam allegations of UPA 1 and 2. It means even the world at large was shaken and ashamed of the scam allegations the then political establishment has brought to India before PM Modi became Prime Minister of India. Certainly none other than the then Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh has recognised the above through his expression called coalition compulsion.

The veiled reference of Donald Trump about various scam allegations of UPA 1 and 2 by stating that India was ‘torn’ before PM Modi became Prime Minister of India and PM Modi has brought back the dignity and international recognition to the country really fixes the congress party, DMK and many other partners of UPA 1 and 2.

The question before our nation is do we need such political forces that firmly believes in nothing but dynasty, scams, nepotism, negative agenda, hate mongering, supporting anti-India narratives etc.,? India should eliminate all such negative forces from Indian politics through ballot box.

Good and noble governance doesn’t need opposition. Like God who doesn’t need ghost to remain godly and good, Indian democracy to remain vibrant Modi and BJP alone is sufficient and we don’t need divisive and dynastic forces. Hope people of India will continue to support PM Modi to make India a great land to live and India free from dynastic politics, corruption and nepotism.

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