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Prof Sathye is an Australian academic. A former banker and Australian government official, he is frequently, consulted by Australian and overseas media, Prof Sathye has appeared on Australia's ABC Inside Business, ABC 7.30 Report, Sky News, Alan Jones Breakfast Program, Al Jazeera TV Dubai and  Bloomberg TV Hong Kong, among others.  He has contributed opinion pieces in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Melbourne. His expertise has been sought by the Australian Senate Economic Committees on many occasions and some of his recommendations on Australian banking have found a place in Committee's final report. He has also worked as an expert witness on banking and finance cases for the Federal Court of Australia, the Victorian Supreme Court, and others.  He regularly contributes to banking and finance issues as well as in the areas of his interest that are religion, philosophy, the political economy of India among others in the Indian media as well as globally. (Views personal as a private citizen)

Ram, Raj, and Rahul

Ramachandra Guha is surprisingly candid about Rahul Gandhi and his inability to lead the Congress Party in the 2024 general election to take on Modi. But instead of engaging in self-introspection, dynasty loyalist like Rajmohan Gandhi come to the defense of the indefensible Rahul.

Blinded by Modi’s hatred? A response to Christine Ro

Christine Ro with her recent piece in Forbes on Modi, asks us to believe Zahid Khan, a restaurant worker, in New York, but doesn't want to recognize the facts and reports provided by better sources like UNICEF and Gates Foundation regarding India's betterment post Modi Govt.

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