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Overcome jealous, praise Modi like Trump, Ravan, Kamsa, Hiranyakashipu, Karna all were victims of jealous 

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The legitimate and judicious appreciations and praises of Donald Trump for PM Modi in defining and shaping the destiny and fortune of India and India defining the world has rattled most of the opposition parties. Trump has also acknowledged the good governance of Modi, who is making the country free from dynastic politics, free of corruption, nepotism through his reference India was tore before Modi became PM.  Some of the opposition parties have started to run like panic rats over the growing popularity of Modi and due to panic state, have started to abuse both Modi and Trump.

Certain references of Trump over PM Modi; Modi is like father of India, must be understood with spirit and should not engage in unnecessary dissection of the viscera of the statement to ascertain the lexical meaning.  Indeed India was tore by the scam allegations of UPA1 and 2 before Modi became prime minister of India. Trump was right, Modi clampdown corruption at high place, made India proud and great through transparent, corruption free, sab ka vikas centric governance. Modi also brought merit and accountability on performance than mere dynasty and the support of sycophancy to win election.

The reference of father of India over Modi by Trump, the president of US has rattled most of the tukde tukde gangs and as usual, all of them collectively and individually have started to scream and yell from different parts of India.

In politics, instead of playing politics over everything, the politicians need to overcome the enemy that reside deep inside everyone called jealous. Modi is praised by everyone because Modi is honest, dedicated his life for the nation, believes in sab ka vikas, follows the eternal values of sacred Hinduism – tolerance and universal peace, fight nepotism, dynastic politics etc.  The spirited engagement of several tukde tukde gangs and divisive forces to grab power to loot the nation is also being demolished by the good governance of Modi.

If the opposition parties doesn’t overcome own jealous and started to shower praises for Modi competitively, own jealous of those opposition leaders are going to destroy them. When heaven shower floral tributes to Modi, the opposition parties must join the heaven and shower flowers to Modi for his honesty and commitment to India or else must thank their star for having they got such day to witness such great fete.

Ravan was so jealous of Lord Ram and that is how he scripted own destruction. So was Kamsa who never even wants to hear the name Lord Vishnu or Krishna. Hiranyakashipu too was so arrogant and used to get annoyed of the name Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakaship even went to an extent to execute his son Prahlada for praising Lord Vishnu the saviour of dharma and truth.  At the end his own jealous scripted his end. Karna has nothing to achieve in his life than defeat Arjuna. Karna was so jealous of Arjuna because Karna always believed that he is a better warrior than Arjuna.  Due to his anonymous birth, Karna had developed such strong jealous and at the end, he too got defeated.

If the opposition leaders read several sacred texts of Hinduism to understand how shadripus or otherwise called as Arishadvarga such as Lust or desire (Sanskritकाम) – Kama, Anger (Sanskritक्रोध) – Krodha, Greed (Sanskritलोभ) – Lobha, Pride (Sanskritमद) – Mada – pride, hubris, (being possessed by), Fascination or attachment (Sanskritमोह) – Moha – delusory emotional attachment or temptation, Jealousy (Sanskritमात्सर्य) – Matsarya – envy, jealousy would destroy us.

People of India expect minimum self-restrain and decency from the opposition leaders and wish all those dynastic or irrelevant forces to praise Modi when the entire world praise India through Modi.

By being jealous over Modi is not going to help them and instead they should engage in honest politics, politics of love as told in Hinduism, ban minority appeasement and finally bow before the universal leader Modi or else follow the path of Ravan or Kamsa or Hiranyakaship and script own defeat. Modi is not only our Prime Minister but also is a leader being adored and loved by millions and millions of people both in India and across the world for his honesty, decisiveness and commitment to achieve sab ka vikas.

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