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Pakistan Isolated by world countries

Lessons for cash-strapped Pakistan from India’s 1991 economic crisis

The op-ed begins by highlighting Pakistan's abysmal financial crisis and the country's plunge towards economic default. It then explains India's economic situation in 1991 which was similar and in many ways worse than Pakistan's. India, which at one point could not afford even 3 weeks of imports, came out of the crisis due to revamping its trade system and liberalizing its economy. The last section details the lessons that Pakistan can learn from the Indian experience.

Pakistan declared bankrupt: Twitter reacts to the financial crisis

Social media has been abuzz with discussions on the topic, with many Pakistanis expressing their frustration and disappointment over the state of the nation's finances.

Why Pakistan is a fit case to be blacklisted by FATF for funding terrorism

Pakistan should be pushed into the  Financial Task Force FATP black list’ as it continues to finance and tolerate terrorist organisations.

Organisation of Islamic Countries: Bulldozing geopolitics with religion

Why to have an organisation of countries based on religion? In fact, OIC is a religious organisation with political motives. There is no other organisation of countries based on religion, rather they are based on region.

The resolution on Islamophobia adopted by the UN proposed by Pakistan is a mistake

Pakistan has been trying for years to divert attention from its misdeeds when it comes to guaranteeing religious freedom for its citizens by pretending in the United Nations that “Islamophobia” would be the big problem.

Is Pakistan on the cusp of a revolution?

e open revolt of the top brass of the Sindh police accentuated by the massive opposition protests against the army & Imran Khan’s government points to a new societal and institutional upheaval in Pakistan.

Pakistan nuclear weapons amidst domestic turmoil Imran Niazi- Qamar Bajwa worried

Today, it appears that Pakistan is on the verge of a civil war with Nawaz Sharief leading the PDM alliance against Imran Govt supported by Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed of Pakistan ARMY.

Balkanization of a failed state: Pakistan

With over 57% of the illiterate population, no development, no infrastructure spending, soaring inflation and deficient energy security, Pakistan is a ticking time bomb.

Pakistan should leave the obsession with India (Kashmir) and look into its own yard

Pakistan state failed to accept their failures and their obsession with India and specifically with the union territory of India Kashmir grows more and more as the days go on. They are completely ignoring what's going on in their own country.

Pakistan: Is it all coming to a head now?

The path on which Pakistan is hurtling down could have devastating consequences for the country and its people – unless there is a genuine realignment in the power dynamics in the broader national interest.

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