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Balkanization of a failed state: Pakistan

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

Nowhere in the world, religion alone could unite a country which is governed by an incapable politician, abysmal economy, poisonous rhetoric and forgotten civilization.

Yes nothing works in favor of Pakistan today? Pakistan never had and was never conceived to fulfill any objective idea of a Nation. It was a despicable display of narcissism of a handful of Hindu hating political leaders who had huge followers with filthy medieval mindset, moral perversion and bigotry.

Religion cannot unite you alone. And the realization came too early with creation of Bangladesh in 1971 after gruesome killing of over 3 million Bengali Muslim. It was carried out by Pakistani Muslim forces led by General A K Niyazi. The mass surrender of Pakistani army with around one lac armed soldiers was then recorded in history as the most cowardly and disgraceful moment for any nation`s pride.

Seems nothing changed thereafter. Zia Al Hague and Musharraf, two military heads who throttle democracy, conspired to kill political heads and also injected poison hatred among various ethnic groups. Among the five schisms of society, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtuns and Mohajir, no one is compatible with one another. The Baloch and Pashtuns had recorded their refusal   to be part of Pakistan way back in 1947. And thereafter the pitiless ethnic cleansing of the last seven decades have only alienated them apart. A full blown military war has already broken with daily countless casualty of human rights in these two provinces.

While the nation was drifting apart on ethnic lines, corruption and fanaticism was gradually creeping into society. In order to conceal the administrative failure and welfare inefficiency, regular doses of fratricidal hatred and sectarian poison was injected to the two generations of Pakistanis. The result today, the Sunni majority Muslim have declared all rest Muslim including Ahmadiyyas, Khojas, Bohra, Ismail and Shia as Kafirs. The social division of this fratricidal schism is actually a conspiracy by the devious ruling elite dispensation.  

In recent decades, the emergence of Maulavis as a new generation of political leaders has brought the biggest challenge to the military head. Pakistan military which appropriates nearly 50% of the state resource and over 60% nation`s assets is den of corruption. It has usurped the power, wealth and is running on the plundered resource of the nation. Its interference in running in civilian government has made the democracy a symbol of mockery and ridicule.  Now Confrontation is imminent.

Do not forget, the USSR was not defeated by the USA in military warfare, but it dissolved into 15 nations out of failed economy, poverty and pitiable life conditions.

And in Pakistan, No one noticed the declining state of economy all this while. With over 57% of the illiterate population, no development, no infrastructure spending, soaring inflation and deficient energy security, Pakistan is a ticking time bomb.

The balkanization is approaching fast and imminent.

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

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