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The myth of ‘Saffron Terror’ is rooted in hatred against Maharashtrian Brahmins

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The mystery in the myth of Saffron Terror lies in a Century old fight between the Hardliners and Softliners in the Congress prior to Independence. The Hardliners headed by Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the Softliners headed by Shri Gokhale and later on by MK Gandhi.

Like all the Indians in the world, wherever they might be settled at, I watched the events of 26th January, 2008 unfold like a massive man eating monster opening up to devour it’s innocent victims. I like many millions watched with horror as the Indian Media gave us a 24×7 account of a Pakistani Ajmal Kasab and his other Pakistani colleagues daring attack on Indian Soil. An attack, which took the lives of many innocents and additionally few of our warriors who had tried to stop them. Primary among them being, Hemant Karkare, Chief of Maharasthra ATS at that time.

I silently wept at the events unfolding. I wept at the loss of 6 of our best warriors being slain in one go. Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and 3 Policemen, were killed without even having a go at the Terrorists. I was skeptical and I was tremendously angry too. How come three of the best policemen in Maharashtra got themselves killed without even putting up a fight? It was a deep mystery which the entire Nation was and is trying to find answers to.

And then the ex-CM of Maharashtra AR Antulay came out with a stunning theory that, these Mumbai attacks were carried out by RSS to eliminate Karkare who, at that time was actively spearheading investigations on Hindu Terror. It would also be interesting to note that, the 3000 Kg RDX which landed in India from Karachi for the Mumbai Bomb Blasts of 1993, landed at Shrivardhan which was once the MLA constituency of Mr.Antulay.

The entire nation was shocked and angry at this statement expressed. But, no one could summon the courage to oppose this insane theory. Since, the concept of ‘Saffron Terror’ was already silently introduced into the Indian Terrorism narrative just a few months before these attacks. This was possible due to the arrest of some individuals by the Maha ATS headed by Karkare himself in October 2008, linked to Hindu Right Wing Groups as responsible for the Malegaon Blasts in September 2006 as well as in September 2008. Both these incidents in Malegaon claimed most of the lives as Muslims, since Malegaon was a predominantly a Muslim dominated textile town of Maharashtra.

Hindu Right Wing organizations as well as Political Parties such as BJP and Shiv Sena cried themselves hoarse that, the phrase ‘Hindu/Saffron Terror’ was being wrongly and deliberately introduced into the Indian Political as well as Terror Narrative with active connivance of the Indian Media, specially the English Media, to convey specially to the peaceful Hindu voters of the Nation that BJP/RSS/Shiv Sena & several Hindu Organizations stood for violent means of political thought. A thought, which would and will lead the country into chaos and instability. And hence, such Political Parties should be shunned at the hustings, and such Organizations should also be shunned if not completely banned.

Expectedly, the existing Political dispensation of that time, the UPA was rewarded handsomely with this narrative being introduced. They won the 2009 General Elections. An election which was held just 5-6 months after the September arrests of ‘Hindu Terrorists’ & the October 2008 Mumbai Terror attacks, which was a month later after the arrests. All the Opinion Polls in the run-up to these elections showed the BJP led NDA leading over the Congress led UPA in the run-up to the hustings.

But what happened after the counting in May 2009 was nothing short of plain shock to everyone. The Congress led UPA won, with even more seats than in May 2004. The Congress Party personally gaining more as compared to May 2004. The BJP doing worse than in 2004.

The Hindu/Saffron Terror tag had worked. It was not the Secular Hindus, Muslims & Christians who defeated the Communal BJP. It was the bulk of the moderately pro-Saffron Hindu electorate who shunned the BJP at the hustings. Since, even a radical Hindu always has peace as his primary agenda in his mind. Peace for himself, his wife, his parents, his kids, his brothers, his sisters, his Nukkad, his Mohalla, his Village, his town, his city and finally his country. Evidence of this Hindu thought and way of life can be achieved when one enters any Hindu household across the length or breadth of the country. Whenever anyone enters any Hindu Household one is specifically greeted by silence. It is a self imposed Silence. Maybe the kids are playing, and shouting. But, the elders appear always silent. This is the Hindu concept of peace. On the contrary, if anyone tries to enter the household of a Muslim, one is greeted with over the top shouts at the doorstep. Shouts of the elders over one another or over their neighbors or kids. This is the Muslim concept of peace.

A Hindu cannot by nature defy this rule of peace, and also allow any other Hindu defy this basic rule of peace. A Hindu knows about the Muslim concept of peace since centuries. He is used to it and has accepted it. But what he is not ready to accept is, the Hindu concept of peace matching the Muslim concept. This is what he abhors. And that is why we have such a high percentage of Hindu Seculars in this world. What is the work of these Hindu Seculars? They don’t have the guts to oppose loud Muslims and overtly loud converting Christians and their Christmas carols in Christian households. But, they have more than enough guts to oppose those Hindus who oppose these loud Muslims & Christians. Since, the opposing Hindus are making some noise. This noise to a Secular Hindu is unacceptable.

But, many don’t realize, that, this is also the basic principle of a Hindu which defeats the argument of Saffron/Hindu Terror. Since, a Hindu can never be a Mass Killer of innocents. The Indian Secular Spectrum of that period, Political & Non-Political had slyly succeeded in introducing this concept like a drop of ink in clear water. It made some high profile arrests to that effect through the Maha ATS headed by its stooge Hemant Karkare. One of them being Col. Purohit a Maharashtrian Brahmin like Karkare himself and also a serving Military officer attached to the Military Intelligence Wing of the Indian Army.

It was also surprising that, why one of India’s foremost journalist at that period Rajdeep Sardesai also a Maharashtrian Brahmin like Karkare & Purohit never interviewed Purohit’s wife and family members. Wasn’t it a basic ethos of journalism that, opinions and views of both sides should be obtained? Or was it the fact that, if Purohit is guilty, so was his family? If he was an untouchable, so was his family?

I have lived in Pune for 27 years a place and city from which Col Purohit too hailed from. And there is not a single aspect of Pune life which is alien to me. It is a city which has made me what I am today. Due to which I am proud to call myself a Puneite. Pune is considered the heart of Maharashtrian Brahmin Power. The Brahmin Peshwas who took Hindu rule to its maximum zenith, including Bajirao the battle genius ruled from Pune. It is also no co-incidence that Marathi in its most purist form is spoken at Pune. A language, which I (a non-Brahmin), speak very fluently and proudly along with my own mother tongue Telugu. I can read and write Marathi but cannot do the same in my Mother Tongue having done my schooling in Pune.

Pune is so rich in culture and history that any other city in the country which can parallel Pune is only Varanasi in the North and Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) in the South. But, even Varanasi & Hyderabad can pale in comparison to the Nationalist fervor existing in Pune. Long before a certain MK Gandhi a NRI as per current Indian Laws reached the Indian shores from the country South Africa which was ruled by the same imperialists who ruled India, the Indian National Congress which came into existence to politically fight the British had Bal Gangadhar Tilak a Maharashtrian Brahmin from Pune as one of its prominent members and leaders. Tilak had joined INC in 1890 5years after it was formed in 1885, and a good 20-25 years before a certain MK Gandhi reached the shores of India on the invitation of Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

Tilak was totally opposed to the soft policies of other Congress leaders and later MK Gandhi’s ‘Ahimsa’ as a means of freedom and was India’s foremost Hindu Radicals having coined the sentence ‘Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it’. It is not just coincidence that, the 1st incident of armed insurgency against the ruling British Crown in India was at Pune by the Brahmin Chapekar Brothers who assassinated Commissioner Rand a British Civil Servant in 1897. Rand had adopted brutal means to suppress the plague which wrought havoc in Pune during the late 19 Century. Tilak was charged no less than 3 times on charges of sedition by the British, which no other Indian Leader was ever charged with.

India lost this great and foremost patriot in 1920 when he was released after his 3rd incarceration from Mandalay in present day Burma on charges of sedition. A person responsible to convert Ganesh Chathurti from a single day festival into a 10 day Ganeshotsav festival to counter the British Rule of non-assembly of more than 5 people at one place at that time. The irony is not lost that MK Gandhi came into prominence in the Indian struggle for Independence movement in the same year of 1920, that too, only after Tilak’s death. The beginning of, one of the many such several coincidences which brought people like MK Gandhi and a certain Jawaharlal Nehru to the limelight.

It was precisely due to this huge divide between the ardently Nationalistic Hindu School of thought within a certain section of Congress and those who espoused ‘Ahimsa’ led by MK Gandhi, that the so called hard liners understood the futility of serving the Congress in its existing form. This led the way for the founding and emergence of the RSS in 1925 by Shri Hegdewar a Brahmin of Telugu descent but settled in Nagpur after the death of Tilak in 1920.

It is since then, a certain section of the Congress Party led by the Nehru-Gandhi Family, for whom Nationalism was a word just to be mouthed rather than be observed, both before and after Independence, have continuously tried to discredit the Maharashtrian Brahmins since more than a Century for their ardent Nationalistic stand. The immediate discrediting of the RSS on the aftermath of Gandhi’s assassination being one among the many such attempts.

The Congress Party very well knew that, if they succeeded in discrediting the Maharashtrian Brahmins in present day Terror World they would have succeeded in discrediting Hinduism in a Major way too and subsequently also discrediting the Political and Organizational Spectrum aligned towards the Hindu cause, which were their main Political and Social Challengers since the days of Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak more than a Century ago.

With this knowledge it can be safely said by me that, majority of the Maharashtrian Brahmins and specifically those from Pune are Nationalists and committed to the RSS ideology. The power of BJP flows from the RSS in Nagpur founded by a Maharashtrian Brahmin, Shri Hegdewar from Nagpur who had his roots from Nizamabad District in present day Telangana. But the fact that many don’t know that, the power of RSS in Nagpur flows from the Brahmins of Pune. And not even a single Brahmin from Pune or for the matter anywhere in India can be a terrorist. The natural inference being Pune is the heart of Indian Nationalism. A city so pure, until a man called Sharad Pawar came along and teaming up with another highly corrupt individual Suresh Kalmadi ruined the pure as white reputation of Pune. Of course, now both Pawar & Kalmadi are history, and Pune has regained its lost glory.

While the Marathas the other major Political Caste & Class of Maharashtra were divided between Congress, NCP & Shiv Sena, 100% of Maharshtrian Brahmins were married and loyal to the RSS/BJP. So it was not without reason that all of Maharashtra’s Brahmins watched in horror as a fellow Brahmin Karkare was heading a team which was committed to indict fellow Hindus, one of them being a fellow Maha Brahmin Col Purohit on the previously unheard charges of Hindu Terror.

How can it happen that, the entire Indian Media, who don’t waste time in getting both sides of the opinion involving any incident with a Muslim, Christian or a Secular Hindu like Tarun Tejpal or Shashi Tharoor, not even once interview the family members of those arrested on Saffron/Hindu terror charges?

One of these esteemed Media Personalities being a Maharashtrian Brahmin Rajdeep Sardesai himself. Can this be excused? Since October 2008, I have always tried to gauge the response of my Maharashtrian Brahmin friends on the aspect of the death or so called ‘martyrdom’ of Karkare. On one side he was being hailed a hero in the entire nation, but, the response from Pune was strangely cold. Stunning Silence was the response to any questions or opinions on Karkare. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out and understand that, Karkare had become an untouchable among the deeply and fiercely Loyal & Nationalistic Brahmins of Maharashtra and specifically Pune. If Karkare was an untouchable, Rajdeep Sardesai had become an outcast. Not that it mattered to a person like Rajdeep. But all the same that was a reality. It took 9 years of silence from them.

But a single video of an interview by the great Madhu Kishwar of Col Purohit’s wife has taken the Social Media by storm over the past few days. One glance at the Facebook posts of Mahrashtrian Brahmins as a response to this video and injustice speaks volumes at their pain and anger.

Like all wrong logics with sinister intentions, the abysmally wrong logic of Saffron/Hindu Terror coined during September 2008, with the sole aim of bringing the Congress back to power 6 months later in May 2009, has been rejected by the very same Hindus in May 2014 who saw through the lie of the Congress and the Media. That too, this rejection was conveyed with pain, grief, loathe & anger which went on to give BJP its 1st full Majority in the Nation’s Parliament. It being ironical that, they were defeated by the same person whom they had tried to picture and present as a ‘Mascot of Hindu Terror’, Shri Narendra Modi.

Now it’s time that, the conspiracy of this highly wrong & twisted logic be opened up before the Nation as soon as possible. And people involved in the conspiracy and behind coining this dirty and obnoxious phrase be brought to book on the same. Whether Politicians or Media, and however highly placed or ‘touch me not’ they might be.

This is the greatest service to Hinduism and Hindus which the present BJP government can do and should do.

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