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Opinion of Modi

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Our English Teacher was asked the correct pronunciation of GULLIVER. He had replied, “Children it’s neither GOOLLIVER, nor GALLIVER. It is in between the TWO.

This had helped me to answer a question on Narendra Modi, our dearest Prime Minister. While travelling in a train; a foreigner asked me to explain about Narendra Modi in comparison to any other leader. I said, “He is neither Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Gujarati), nor Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Bengali); NARENDRABHAI DAMODARDAS MODI (Gujarati) is IN BETWEEN THE TWO. He has the charismatic qualities of both the leaders; in addition to his original and extraordinary qualities- some are God gifted and some are earned.

The Foreigner asked me as to how Narendra Modi made it to this slot. To know Narendrabhai; one has to know about the extraordinary qualities of a Gujarati. I explained to him the various facets of Gujaratis and Kathiawadis (people of Saurastra Region in Gujarat). Gujaratis are very loveable and judicious people. They are progressive by nature. They would not like to harm anyone. They are accommodative in nature. They believe in honesty, simplicity and living a life of certain pattern. They would not like to be cheated by others; as they would not ever think of cheating others under any circumstances.

Kathiawadis are also like Gujaraties. They are hardened people probably because of the Bawajors (cyclones) that they face every year mostly due to the near proximity of the coastline. Like the Army ; Kathiawadis are adept in their battle drills before and during the CYCLONES. Likewise, the Gujarat Government is adept in the battle procedures to ensure minimum loss to life and property.

Narendrabhai has the gene of an exceptional Gujarati like Gandhiji (born in Saurastra- Porbandar) and he is also a brave son of the Indian soil like Netaji. In the past, when Kashmir was dominated by the Terrorist; Narendrabhai (without any official portfolio and without any armed security arrangement) had challenged the terrorists to stop him from hoisting the National flag at Lal Chowk, the heart and happening place in Kashmir; highly infested with Terrorists, in those days. Beauty is that he kept his word of honour and hoisted the flag on the due day.

The extraordinary quality of Narendrabhai is that he ensures every action on ground as per the blueprint. He has become invincible due to this quality to deliver timely result on ground with hundred percent honesty. As he was growing up; he had not whiled away his time. He has accumulated in depth knowledge about the society, the formal and informal Organizations. He has noted the functioning of every department- the drawbacks, limitations and has formulated ways and means to achieve the ideals. Besides being a hard Task Master; he is compassionate and a thorough Gentleman.

Gandhiji and Netaji had studied abroad; but Narendrabhai did not have this luxury. Knowledge should be accumulated from anywhere and everywhere. This is what he preached and practiced. He was focused since his childhood. In his younger days, he used to practice simple living and high thinking. He used to say, “Aapde rule karwanu chhe- meaning We shall rule the country”. At various locations, students from colleges were called to listen to lecture by someone who would be a national leader one day. Narendrabhai used to practice public speaking and motivated people for a new beginning. He achieved everything by dint of hard labour, sacrifice and complete dedication.

In short, may I say, he has trained himself with the existing and non-existing Gurus and by personal interactions and observations on the following: –

  1. Attainment of Objectives at all Cost- a Soldierly Leadership quality.
  2. Unity of Command- keeps his Command in order.
  3. Economy of Force- use of correct Force at the right time and space (e.g., diffusion of the China expansionist action in the near past).
  4. Attainment of Security and Surprise.
  5. Hard Work and Simplicity in Thought and Action.
  6. Art of feeling the pulse of the crowd and to Win the crowd.
  7. Art of Social and Political maneuvers.
  8. Selection and Maintenance of Aim.
  9. Maintenance of Morale
  10. Co-operation, Flexibility and Administration.
  11. Deception.
  12. Update on the present and future environment.
  13. Know yourself and your Opponents.

There was never a leader who was so confident, popular and invincible in a democratic environment. KUDOS TO YOU – SIR NARENDRABHAI DAMODARBHAI MODI.

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