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Is Amritpal Singh the next Bhindranwale? The dramatic rise of a separatist leader in Punjab

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The current situation in Punjab is deeply concerning and has instilled a sense of fear among the public. The rise of Amritpal Singh and his demands for a separate state in Punjab have reignited concerns about the Khalistan movement and its potential to disrupt peace and stability in the region. Amritpal Singh has emerged as a prominent figure in the separatist movement, with a hidden agenda to revive the Khalistan movement.

He successfully took control of “Waris Punjab De,” an organization that claims to work for Punjabis and the Punjab cause, after the controversial death of its previous leader, Deep Sidhu, in a car accident.Singh’s activism began with his anti-drug yatra before openly calling for a separate state.

In recent months, he has become more aggressive in his demands, culminating in his high-spirited mob storming the Ajnala police station, located just 15 km away from the Indo-Pak border, on February 23, 2023.

Singh’s group demanded the release of one of his men named Lovepreet Toofan, claiming that the FIR against Toofan was fake and had been registered under political pressure. He gave a four-day ultimatum to the state before storming the station on Friday.

Within a couple of hours, the Punjab AAP government capitulated and announced the release of Toofan within 24 hours. This incident has drawn nationwide criticism from the public and across the political spectrum. Many are questioning the government’s ability to maintain law and order in the region and prevent such violent incidents from occurring in the future.

Experts are split on whether Amritpal Singh should be viewed as Bhindranwale 2.0, a reference to the cult figure who led the Khalistan movement in the 1980s. Some believe that Singh does not currently enjoy the same level of cult support as Bhindranwale once did, but others argue that his recent actions are a cause for concern.The recent incident at the Ajnala police station is just one example of the growing threat posed by separatist groups in the region.

It is crucial for authorities to remain vigilant and take appropriate measures to address this rising threat before it escalates into a larger conflict. The public is fearful of the potential consequences of this rising separatist movement. There are concerns about the impact on the economy and the safety of citizens in the region. Many worry that the situation could escalate quickly, leading to further violence and instability in the area.

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