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Is Amritpal Singh the next Bhindranwale? The dramatic rise of a separatist leader in Punjab

The rise of Amritpal Singh and his demands for a separate state in Punjab have reignited concerns about the Khalistan movement and its potential to disrupt peace and stability in the region.

Another failed attempt of SFJ to incite violence on Republic Day

On India’s Republic Day, the banned terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice led by Gurpatwant Singh Pannun once again took resort to Twitter to flourish his anti-India agenda.

What’s next for Sidhu in Punjab?

Congress, which talked about "Collective Leadership" in the 2022 Punjab Elections, has released a video on its official Twitter account telling, How a CM should be, visibly finalizing Charanjit Singh Channi as the CM Face in the 2022 Punjab Elections.

Congress government in Punjab has endangered Prime Minister and also the entire nation

Punjab congress government was in collusion with the protesters in the pre-planned conspiracy.

लुधियाना ब्लास्ट पर गरमाई सियासत

लुधियाना में ब्लास्ट के बाद पूरे पंजाब में हाई अलर्ट जारी कर दिया गया है सार्वजनिक जगहों पर भी सुरक्षा बढ़ाने के निर्देश दिए गए हैं, धार्मिक स्थलों पर पहले ही सुरक्षा का हाई अलर्ट जारी किया गया था।

Farm act: A tussle between pride and prejudice

The much awaited farming reform is one of the proud achievements of the present government. However, the reform seems to have fallen prey to the lingering prejudice against the government.

Drugs, violence and misogyny- What else does the Punjabi Music Industry promote apart from the “farmers’ protests”?

This post contemplates the current state of the Punjabi Music Industry, which has become infamous for promoting and glorifying drugs, violence and gun culture, and the possibility of a nexus between the Punjabi Music Industry and anti-India forces, including Khalistani-separatists and ISI, in light of the anti-India stand taken by some prominent singers.

Why are the farmers in Punjab protesting?

When the government is not bound to purchase, then crops will be sold to private players and meet the same fate as maize, Moong,...

Sidhu’s stroke always stirs hornet’s nest

Whether it was the cricket field, or the largely attended laughter show or the hard politics, Sidhu had always stirred a hornet’s nest.

Is Punjab swaying with Congress wave?

The political parties demonstrate swiftness in giving the ticket to the actors as they carry a large number of fan-following. The crowd easily gathers in their public meeting. In view of such condition, the film actors do not hesitate in fighting the general elections.

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