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Yogi Adityanath: A self-hero of a stream of politics

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The political Hindutva identity with which Yogi Adityanath is associated and with the huge public support behind what he himself has created, the yogi will never be defeated.

Yogi Adityanath, this name has its own meaning in politics. A political identity was attached to this name. And this name was considered a self-hero of a stream of politics. But it was never expected that this Yogi Adityanath would be defeated so quickly in the battle of politics.

It was expected that the entire Sangh and the conspiratorial faction within the BJP were trying to defeat Baba. But there was also hope that the political Hindutva identity with which Jogi was associated. And with the huge public support behind what he himself has created, Yogi will never be defeated. But the same thing happened which was not expected, in front of a single election in UP and the conspiracies of the Sangh, Baba was shattered. The political messages coming from Yogi Adityanath for the last few months are saying the same thing.

Yogi Adityanath had gone to Rampur just a few days ago. There he distributed government schemes in the program. A photo appeared on his page giving benefits of the scheme to a hijab-wearing Islamic Khatoon about that event. That is, Yogi Baba started giving secular messages. Similarly, for the program of the day of Teacher’s Day, an award is announced to an Islamic teacher. There are hidden messages in both of these things.

These things will seem very small in sight, but this is a big message for those who have a close look at Jogi Baba’s political image and the politics of his leadership. In which Yogi is seen to be made secular, and he is becoming. Just a few days ago, a folk singer’s chamche futuristic Facebook writer’s book, Sadak Chhap Sanghi Agenda, in which Hindu avatars and gods were described as human. In that too there was the testimony of Yogi Baba. All this happened under the influence of a minor folk singer. That is, if seen carefully, Jogi Baba is also being taken on the anti-Hindu line. And the DNA of the Sangh and the line making Ram the Imam are visible.

Is this happening like this? No it is not possible just like that. So has Yogi Baba lost in front of the conspiracies of the Sangh? And will he carry forward the anti-Hindu and pro-Islamic politics of the Sangh? Cheap Chanakya, Sangh and a faction of BJP put all their power to defeat Baba in UP 2022 with the help of tickets, Jats, Ahirs and Muslims. But due to the Hindutva image, the people unilaterally went in favor of Yogi. Has Jogi Baba not believed in this public? Or has the public stopped seeing them in flattery of special officers of the Sangh?

Yogi Baba’s biggest weakness, he lacks vision and a sensible team. The people having very simple vision with limited thinking up to Gorakhpur and making themselves VIPs by tying their status on the officers, is the game of the left hand of the officers. In the power of Yogi Baba, there is no right and political current. Perhaps that is why he has gradually come under the trap of the Sangh.

The dissolution of Hindu Yuva Vahini and more exposure of his Deputy Chief Minister also shows the weakness of Yogi. Let it be, but politics runs on a message. And if yogi baba is going against his own image and failing to deliver the message under the flattery of the Sangh officials. So it is declaring their defeat.

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