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Agnipath recruitment protest, fair or unfair?

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Dev Shankar
Dev Shankar
Filmmaker, Blogger and Novelist.
It takes time to bring about change, whether it is in humans, in nature, or in animals.
Water, fire, air, soil, and our own mind, must have taken many years to come together in one form. Thousands of changes must have taken place, then only this earth has been made in its correct shape for us to live in.

Why are we starting to fear this change?

Sometimes a state is burnt, sometimes stones are thrown at someone, is this our identity?

To date, the governments have made many efforts to provide employment, but in that too they were impossible because due to the fraud, those jobs could not reach us.

Everyone wants a job, and a good salary, but no one will think about where the money will come from, if the government starts spending money blindly on us, then it will take only a few months for India to become Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday unveiled the recruitment drive for Army ‘Agneepath’. Under the ‘Agneepath’ program, 46,000 soldiers will be eliminated. Children in the age group of 16 months to 21 years will be imprisoned for 4 years on a contract basis in all three services. Most would then be forced to retire. They do not get any allowance or pension benefits. As per the previous plan, the working hours have been reduced to 4 years as per the new constitution, resulting in at least 15 years of service.

The situation in Bihar is not good, the rioters have their own laws, which are considered right by them, whatever is wrong.

Everyone has to drink water, no one wants to fill the pot.
Everyone has to fill their stomach, no one wants to cook.
Seeing the fire you can cry,
but no one wants to extinguish it.

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Dev Shankar
Dev Shankar
Filmmaker, Blogger and Novelist.
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