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Will we keep destroying Kashmir, until its existence is completely gone?

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Dev Shankar
Dev Shankar
Filmmaker, Blogger and Novelist.

I’m burning,
extinguish me.
If not extinguished me one day,
I’ll take you in myself one day.

Will we be able to survive in Kashmiri, but probably not.

An unforgettable incident of 30 years ago still haunts us all. So will we be sitting on hand this time with aplomb? Even today, those people are showing the way to return to their homes, but the golden bird may have started looking like a stone. The beauty of the mountains that we started seeing from afar, is once again colored with blood.

What black shadow is there on Kashmir, which was once called a storehouse of knowledge through the Gita and scriptures, whose salvation does not exist?

Kashmir destructed by Islamists

Is the destruction of Kashmir, the end of our country, or is it a sign of our weakness? Or our tolerance has become so much that we do not care about any wound.

After 70 years the world has recognized India’s irony. Is this also on the verge of extinction?

The one who divides religion has no religion, when will we understand that such people only belong to the Asur caste and not the goddess caste.
The world is moving towards destruction, every living being, a human being is only a little closer to its end.

Lord Shri Krishna had said that when this earth moves towards destruction, I will still be there, and when lies prevail over truth, whenever I will still be there.

I was taught since childhood that to respect every religion, to love, to always respect elders than you, then only you will be able to attain the right elements.
So who taught these people that accomplishment is achieved only by killing someone or God frees them from birth and death.

Karma yoga is said to be the biggest yoga, it has been told by Garuda Purana which actions are going to yield what results. Even then we can be so stupid.

Its a destruction of humanity,

Its the destruction of one community,

and Its destruction of independence.

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Dev Shankar
Dev Shankar
Filmmaker, Blogger and Novelist.
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