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How Indian liberalism is the greatest malediction to the country’s progress

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The influence of western culture and a strong desire to be accepted by the ‘most influential countries’ and ‘liberal-mindset thinking countries’ has increased among the Indian youth. Moreover, even teenagers of age as ripe as 13 are cursing the Indian government as if they are responsible for desolation of the country. The influence and progression of Indian liberals, or as they call themselves the ‘left-wingers’ continues to contract every now a then. With the ideology entirely based on being biased and blaming everything on the government on an absurd basis, there is surely no way for these liberal ideologies to survive for long!

Even though they were outnumbered and outshining, the left-wing has lost every battle on by one since the previous decade. From contaminating the minds of the youth to provoking every right-winger with their baseless arguments and choosing the Hindu religion, these liberals have left no stones unturned in spreading detestation in the country. Nevertheless, after two national elections, high social media reach, constantly spreading propaganda in the country, the Indian liberals have miserably influenced the right-wingers, forget about winning a decent status in the country. Even after putting so much effort, showing people that they are peaceful, progressive, and caring towards the country, why are Indian liberals still failing miserably?

Indian liberalism: An ideology entirely based on prejudice

Despite having a huge following on social media platforms, with every other social media site including Twitter being left-biased, the liberals have failed inadequately. The primary reason behind this is the constant commitment of mistakes, or say idiocy. These mistakes not only put a limitation to their growth but are also making the Indians realize that their idealogy is merely propaganda towards the destruction of the country. Kerala, considered to be one of the most liberal, literate, and progressive states of India is one such example. The left-wing has always praised the state and raised their finger towards the Modi government. But after the state’s failed ‘Kerala’ model of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, and an increasing number of youth joining ISIS has shown it all!

Liberals and pseudo-feminists have one thing in common- their strong urge and provocation towards the Modi government. These groups have not realized the fact that they are being used by the opposition, the ‘peaceful’ minorities to gain over influence in India. The rise of communalism and propaganda in India has given rise to several destructive events. From the Shaheen Bagh incident to the Farmer’s protest, they all turned violently. I still can’t forget that incident, flags of Khalistan were raised in the prestigious premises of Red Fort. As an Indian, I am ashamed! Ashamed of the diversified mindset of our country, which gave rise to anti-national incidents. Indeed, secularism is the greatest threat to our country.

2 reasons that prove why Indian liberalism will demolish in no time

The constant battles within the liberal group’s ideologies are limiting their growth. Here I present you a few reasons that showcase their failing trajectory towards the path of survival.

  1. The Modi-Shah obsession

COVID struck the country? Modi is to be blamed. Second-wave killed thousands of people? Modi is to be blamed. Third-wave will arrive soon? (despite the government’s urge and requests people are vacationing and going out as if the COVID has cured), Modi is to be blamed. The liberals have become so much obsessed with the Modi government, that they lost their common sense! Let us assume that maybe Indians elected the Modi government out of their desire to see a change, but the second consecutive victory with such high votes? It indicates that the majority of Indians still support the right-wing (ahem! always right just like its name). Therefore, their attack is of no use at this stage. If so, the free people need to work on the values ​​and minds of the Indian people. They need to show the people of India why their way of thinking is better for the nation. In this case, they should not be attracted to moral values. After all, nationalism is not bad!

  1. Lack of focus on changing the leadership of Congress

All the surprisingly well-publicized articles, expressions of sympathy for all the less privileged people, and rants in the BJP are marginalized in the absence of political success in this vision. Congress was the only real opposition to the BJP. The same Congress has a big leadership problem. As freedom has already grown, they need to focus on one issue and set a magnifying glass over it. That problem is about the leadership of Congress. Leaving it in chance, or letting it dry out while the liberals are writing another article against Mode or talking about how bad the BJP-controlled provinces will do nothing.

It is all clear, in India, your hatred towards the BJP and RSS decides your intensity of liberalism. Liberalism will keep failing until they don’t have the right objective towards their goals. After all, it is an ideology that focuses on being biased instead of deciding what’s right and what’s wrong.

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