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Privileged and the prey

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A fairly innocuous word until the past decade but is all the buzz now. There are other words in the left liberal dictionary like intersection, agency, normative, that I will not bother with for I am short on aspirin.

Acknowledging privilege is the in thing in the left liberal circles. Anybody pretending to be an SJW is first expected to accept that h/she is privileged and if possible atone for it. And, we, the Hindus and nationalists have waited but the apologies never came. Normally, the left liberals are quick in identifying new versions of privilege and come up with innovative ways to prostrate before those they are discriminating against. So, imagine my consternation when they are denying me my rightful apology. This is an attempt to get them to recognize and own up to their privileges.

Privilege is issuing sermons on Hindu festivals asking folks to think of dogs, water, environment, stratosphere, asteroid belt, black hole. Privilege is interference in irrelevant matters. Privilege is lobbying against tradition of menstruating women not seeking Darshan of Ayyappa. Privilege is not speaking against rigid and regressive Islamic practices of triple talaq, genital mutilation. Privilege is feeling reduced to vagina over cinematic depiction of Jauhar but feeling empowered when women are referred to as people with cervixes. Privilege is picking on Raksha Bandhan while ignoring sexual abuses occurring in Madrassas and Churches. Privilege is bullying practicing Hindus knowing they will not retaliate.

Privilege is lame Netflix stand-up comedy on Hindu Gods. Privilege is questioning the existence of Rama in the secure knowledge that it won’t lead to beheading. Privilege is asking a Hindu to distribute Quran as condition for bail. Privilege is writing fluff pieces on Brahminical Rasam while espousing the nutritional value of beef. Privilege is saluting Australian rescuers on rescuing Koala Bears but labelling Gourakshaks as murderous mob. Privilege is trending #NotMyPM hashtag. Privilege is disregarding people’s mandate. Privilege is studying intersectionality, waving Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy placards but shutting one’s eyes to a Dalit’s house being burnt by Muslim rioters. Privilege is writing op-eds on human chain knowing people are baying for your blood over an SM post. ]

Privilege is denying Hindu genocide by Mughal and British rulers. Privilege is giving historical context to their tyranny. Privilege is lamenting this is not the India you knew over nationalist efforts to rebuild the India we once were. Privilege is saying RIP India over Bhoomi Puja for Ram Mandir, the rebirth of Bharat. Privilege is institutionally facilitating Abhrahamic thought and culture overriding the natural aspirations for Rama Rajya. Privilege is when you threaten to fly out of the country if CAA, NRC is implemented. Privilege is not having to empathize with the scores of people discriminated in the name of religion in our neighbouring nations. Privilege is doubting Uri, Balakot Strike, Galwan Valley while cocooned in the cozy warmth of Lyuten’s Delhi. Privilege is to argue for Jihadist’s stone pelting while crying intolerance over a mere heckling. Privilege is getting the SC hear your PILs at midnight. Privilege is manipulating the SC into post-poning the hearing of Ayodhya case. Privilege is reciting Urdu couplets.

Privilege is agonizing over the Sanskrit names Chandrayaan, Gaganyaan. Privilege is writing letters to Gandhi over imaginary destruction of Indian ethos while mocking Veer Savarkar over his letters for clemency. Privilege is disclosing Army operations on live TV. Privilege is discussing Black Lives and racism. Privilege is cheering the cutting of sacred thread. Privilege is unrepentant adherence to Adharma despite of being called out.

Privilege is hypocrisy.

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