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The defining power

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Imagine fighting a war where every time you ace a move, the rules of the war change in the favour of your enemy. This is not Mahabharat, rather this is the war every opinionated individual faces in a debate against the self proclaimed progressive. We’ve adapted so much to dwell into the debate; we fact check ourselves, we learn foreign languages, we hold up to pop references and what not just to prove the universally proven point. However, the rivals have moved beyond this, they simply use words like “dynamic” and “changing spheres” and they change the whole definition of just and unjust.

Remember the days, when theft and looting was legally and morally incorrect, further this was an unshakable fact. But when protestors in the west looted stores and were caught committing theft on camera, guess what? The stores were meant to be looted, the victims of the crime became factors for deciding the course of justice. India has the traces of its invaders imprinted all over it; we have a cities named Ghaziabad and Vasco da Gama, these were the people that destroyed all pillars of the Indian culture; but we were called name changers and ambiguous activists when we spoke up. However, the collection of historical documents to prove a minuscule point by the left is said to be of utmost contemporary importance. Let’s not even start with the collective outrage the left has over cases of crime and how it defines the impact of crime based on both perpetuators and victims.

We have entered the debate with all we have; thus, in consequence we cannot end it by calling them hypocrites. We have reasoned them so far, we can reason them further. Fight for your definitions first, fight for the right to call theft a theft regardless of all the surroundings. Take this moment to remind yourself, how elaborate yet specific morality is, how we’ve fought for the right side of history for all this time. On the internet run by the spineless, try and contribute to the rigidity of our principles. Linguistics are elite but a very powerful weapon, it can make you doubt your beliefs. Its time for the world to understand that there are no versions of justice and application of equity does not change with perspectives.

In the few days that passed, there was noticeable discussions regarding political ecosystems and their contributions. The primary goal towards creating an ecosystem is deciding a cause, a cause which means something to everyone. The cause is the core of an ecosystem; but how vulnerable would that system be if the members have no control over the definition and meaning of the cause. The power to build an effective ecosystem comes with the power to define the pillars, principles and objectives of the system. We have failed Savarkar Ji with the definitions of left at text, its time we take the narratives in our hands. Narratives change the scope of powers and struggles; moreover, a narrative is the clothing of an ecosystem; if you let them design it for you, sooner or later you will realise, you were better off naked.

We have lost a lot of people, lets not lose their stories to the definitions of left. Don’t let Instagram fool you in believing how the circumstances change the value of deaths, do not let the undergraduates define the impact of your loved ones. The death of Ajay Pandita, Lt Umar Fayaz and many more are essential chapters of history, don’t let Thapars write it for you. In universities with active political discourse, the dictionaries would be disregarded by the modern missionaries; do not let them covert you in a loop of words where they edit your thoughts like they edit wikipedia pages of violent rioters. They’ll call you out for not understanding the changing times, but no matter how much the societies change the moral parameters remain. The defining power is essential, raise your voice for it, define your actions before they define your intentions.

-Darshit S.

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