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The defining power

The death of Ajay Pandita, Lt Umar Fayaz and many more are essential chapters of history, don't let Thapars write it for you.

Should journalists be mere mouthpieces?

The article deals with the way media houses are manipulating the news these days.

The modern traditionalist vs The traditional rationalist

The crooked rationalist is now scared at the prospect of being challenged.

Why have ‘liberals’ reduced themselves to being anti-nationals?

How the meaning of liberalism has been distorted by the so-called liberals

Open letter to blind followers, liberals, journalists – hashtag hate

eft, right, center – who are you? Can’t there be people who are unbiased?

In support of “What-About-ism”

If you are not fair and equitable in each scenario- if you are cherry picking, you are a hypocrite. WhatAboutism is just a mirror to tell you that.

What’s killing Twitter – feeding the wrong dog

Pritish Nandy had written an article blaming trolls, but people need to look inwards too.

The Durga-Mahishasura Debate: Perspective of a Practicing Hindu

The Durga-Mahishasura debate that shook the country is pointless.

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