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Open letter to blind followers, liberals, journalists – hashtag hate

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05/09/17, a shameful day for the country and an even shameful day for us, the residents of Bangalore. Gauri Lankesh murder has raised questions; questions which the government has to answer quickly. The citizens’ of this country deserve to know who the culprits are, to know what Gauri ji was working on to have any enemy, is there a connection between the murderers of Kalburgi ji and Gauri Ji. Meantime, under such circumstances apart from raising the right questions one can only pray that Gauri ji rests in peace.

Having hardly known Gauri Ji, I was eager to know her in detail. With few twitter profiles already creating a narrative about the death; knowing Gauri ji became a matter of curiosity.

Left, right, center – who are you? Can’t there be people who are unbiased? Can’t people show respect or at least not speak over a loss of life; instead of fighting over ideologies? Can we be simple human beings first? Over the years of following Politics; especially, post my graduation days I have realised, it is no brainer to consider that all politicians are honest. Also, I firmly believe that Government/Politicians should tinker their core belief or ideologies occasionally for the welfare of the larger audience.

Not following one particular ideology, it was hurtful nevertheless reading the tweets of people reacting at the murder of Gauri ji. Yes, being a paid employee I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to earn money in a right manner, earn food; but I do not know how that classifies one (left, right centre).

A few months back, I followed the Gurmehar Kaur incident on social media, I do not know why certain section of the MSM and SM feel politics and news takes place only in Delhi. Moreover, I do not know why people from the MSM and SM focus so much on JNU too. With reactions to sudden demise of Gauri Ji and the reaction to Gurmehar incident; the striking resemblance was people seem to have a narrative, diplomatically judgemental, and seem to be left, right or even extreme.

Certain people decide to abuse, certain journalists and learned friends try to avoid questions when asked in a right way, why so much hatred amongst each other. Why hashtag and narrate your own selective story when Gauri ji or Gurmehar were concerned about expressing the truth, about freedom of expression, about spreading peace.

Divisive opinions are welcoming when the same doesn’t lead to abuse or threat; yes, the younger group or a few extreme individuals abuse, act rude; which is awful and should be condemned, such people do not know to put their point across. That doesn’t give our learned friends and journalists to act as supreme judge, as an investigating agency or self-awarded champions of Indian democracy. Moreover, the same learned people have become selective; they chose and pick topics which suit them.

With internet nowadays, everyone has a say, everyone has an opinion, but once people decide to not wish good for an individual or once they decide not to wait, once they decide to act by hate, they further reach a point where they desire to hear no other voice except their own; consequently, talking for convenience.

Sadly, speaking for convenience doesn’t command respect. Journalists, learned people and other blind followers need to quickly realise that viewers/followers observe them closely. Time for them to fight for the right, in a manner which others can learn, in a manner which gives others an idea about what exactly is the truth. Ideologies are important, yes, journalists carry them while they work, but, some of us sense all this.

With a section of viewers who are right-thinking, peace loving; wish for indiscriminate views on topics, people wish for uniform standards, not wish for flashy headlines be it left, right or centre. Narrative based on the ideologies and fewer facts is not new in Indian politics, but don’t expect the same from the today’s journalists.

As the left, right fight; people who have malicious intentions are laughing away. Remember, this is our home, ourselves are here working for the betterment of this country; the cultural values of this country teach us to love and not fight. Also, remember Gurmehar or Gauri ji wished for transparency, fight for the right, peace loving people and truth.

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