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People must learn from RSS

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They had different ideology from other people at 1960. So they created there own school, institution, political parties, they use common people to spread there ideology and trying to influence people what they believe and how to build nation or what nationalism really meant, why to be proud on our history. Slowly, they won the heart of people of India.

After 60 years, RSS ideology is completely accepted by Indian people. Though there are section of the society, calling RSS a terrorist organization. One of bullshits I ever heard in my life. In the battle of ideology, when I see history, there is always bloodbath battle to impose a particular ideology on people but RSS has changed the ideology of people of India without loss of a single drop of blood. Most of the visionary political leaders of the country hail from RSS. It reflects RSS has always respected the institution of democracy and believed in democratic system India, considering Indian constitution the supreme.

Today in the battle of ideology, those who lose are trying to get in center of power but their ideology was completely rejected by people of India. They don’t have patience to wait and try to change heart of people. They are taking shortcut by exploiting people’s emotion, people’s religious belief and difference among clan. RSS has always stood for unification of Bharatvarsh and RSS has reached out to the needy in the time of any kind of calamity.

I genuinely believe RSS is constantly evolving every day, you must learn from every one even you have some difference with them.

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