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The anatomy of Hinduphobic narrative in India: The head

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I see the big picture. I have deep interest in history, philosophy, traditions and developments in India.

The Hinduphobic narrative has a body of people and institutions working in sync to defame and weaken Hinduism, destroy the Indian nation and colonise the Indian people. It has an anatomy with different organs undertaking different aspects of the job. Due to apathy and antipathy of the regimes in past 70 years, this Hinduphobic narrative has become the dominant narrative not only in India but also in foreign universities. It has gained so much influence that even the Hindus educated in this system have fallen for it and have been reduced to self hating, impotent, apologetic wretches.

The head of the Hinduphobia is composed of our ’eminent’ Historians, ‘liberal’ journalists and ‘secular’ intellectuals. They have written pamphlets, articles and books through which they have skillfully, but without any tangible basis, propagated a falsified and partisan history of India. Their Hinduphobia can be seen in these few examples{though it is not limited to these} :-

  • They always mention Hinduism by the name of Brahminism for two reasons. First, it is easy to target a community with mere 3% of population. Secondly, it serves the purpose of painting them and by extension Hinduism as evil. In most history books, you will see that Brahmins are painted as leeches on the society who are not useful for economic production but feed off hardworking people. This totally ignores the fact that most Brahmins were and remain in poverty and are engaged in cultivation.
  • There are always kinder words for Buddhism and Jainism. There is no real sympathy for Buddhism. Actually it is glee at loss of influence of Hinduism. It can be seen in the excess glorification of Emperor Ashoka Maurya. Comparatively, his own grandfather and Chanakya are not given much importance. The Gupta age with its all round achievements, which actually survive to this day, is downplayed. In fact, historians of the left have declared that Gupta age was not the golden age. All this because Hinduism became dominant religion of India again in that period.
  • A favorite pastime of these eminent intellectuals is to throw the “Aryans Ate Beef” jibe at Hindus. This has been used since 19th century. Leftist historians like D N Jha, Romila Thapar etc. and other intellectuals like T M Krishna, the musician, have used to time and again to condemn Go-rakshaks and farmers trying to protect their cattle. Mistaken as this interpretation is this is supposed to achieve two things. One, it is supposed to make us ignore our economic and religious interests/traditions. Secondly, they are telling us that we Hindus should have no reservations in eating beef as supposedly our ancestors did that. This argument is as stupid as it is perverse. In actual recorded history, those who killed cow under Hindu kings were awarded capital punishment.
  • A much debated and now debunked theory is Aryan Invasion Theory{AIT}. It was supposed to reconcile us to Muslim and Christian rule by falsely saying that even the Vedic Hindus had come to India from outside and subjugated the local people. It was also used to create a gap between Tamils and rest of Indians{fortunately the Dravidian propaganda did not catch up in whole of south India}, Aryans {which is not a race} were painted as northern invaders oppressing Dravidians. Now that DNA evidence has proved it false, they still propagate this false theory to mislead the Scheduled Castes and Tribals and break them away from Hindu society.
  • Muslim atrocities in the medieval period and during Partition have been purged from official history books. We read a sanitized version saying there was a Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb{both are sacred rivers of Hindus}, development of bastard language Urdu, architectural marvels etc. which prove that Muslims were beneficial to India. Ask them why there is not a single temple building older than 300 years in plains of India and all their arguments fail. Praising that atrocity filled period{confessed by Muslim historians themselves} is akin to praising the slavers of South USA of 19th century saying they had a rather charming culture.

Although there can be scores of other examples about their perfidy, for the purpose of this small article, these examples suffice. The head of Hinduphobia plays every trick in the book to intellectually and culturally subjugate, shame and make Hindus hate their own culture. It is true that Hindus have had their own weaknesses{specially the unforgivable caste system}, but we have accepted and worked on it. Hinduism is adaptable and once we realize the threat we will adapt to survive again. But it is important to know their tricks and caution the younger generation about it.

In the next article we will see about how Hinduphobia translates into action.

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I see the big picture. I have deep interest in history, philosophy, traditions and developments in India.

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