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Congress goons who attacked Arnab Goswami and Samyabrata Ray revealed their association with Congress party: Hypocrisy of left liberal ecosystem on freedom of press and feminism

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On 23 April, Editor-in-Chief and founder of Republic TV Arnab Goswami along with his wife Samyabrata Ray who is also senior editor at Republic TV was attacked by two Congress goons. What is interesting here is both the Congress goons were pretty vocal about their associations with Indian National Congress.

Who are those attackers?

Two Congress goons who attacked Arnab Goswami and Samyabrata Ray are Arun Borade who is President of Sion Koliwada Assembly of Indian Youth Congress according to his Facebook profile and Prateek Mishra who is also a member of Indian National Congress. There are numerous evidences of their association with Indian National Congress on social media accounts of both of them. Arun Borade can also be seen with senior Congress leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge in a picture uploaded by him on Facebook.

Attacker Pratik Mishra with Congress scarf.
Attacker Prateek Mishra’s Facebook profile.
Attacker Arun Borade’s Facebook profile.
Attacker Arun Borade with senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge.

Now, Lets look at past :

Let’s see why Congress goons revealed their identity and their association with the Congress party. Answer lies in past of Congress party. Let’s see what Congress did in past , When something like these happened.

On 20th December 1978, Two Congress workers hijacked Indian Airlines flight 410 to demand release of Indira Gandhi from jail. Indira Gandhi was detained for breach of privilege and contempt of the Indian Parliament. The hijack was seen as one of the most shameful act observed by the Congress and dangerous contempt for the rule of law.

But later, Instead of sacking both the hijackers from party, Congress rewarded them. One of the hijacker, Bhola Pandey served as a Congress MLA from 1980 to 1985 and 1989 to 1991 from Doaba, Ballia and the other hijacker Devendra Pandey remained a member of the house for two terms. He also served the party as a general secretary of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC) until recently. The case against the both hijackers was dropped by putting pressure on Charan Singh Government as existence of Government depended on support of Congress party and then Congress honoured both of them by giving election tickets.

Hijackers Bhola Pandey and Devendra Pandey

Why this article is important :

Writting this article was important since many from the left liberal brigade were misleading common people of this country by questioning the authenticity of this attack.

Now many people are discussing on social media about authenticity of attack on Arnab Goswami and Samyabrata Ray. Even a comedien who is often called a propagandist of left liberal ecosystem, Kunal Kamra has also questioned the attack on Arnab Goswami and Samyabrata Ray but in last episode of “Shut Up Ya Kunal”, he confessed that he didn’t hold any credibility and can be selective which explains his position on this issue. He ranted about this on twitter.

But many other Twitter users busted his propaganda and gave him a befitting reply.

Hypocrisy of Left Liberal ecosystem:

Many other members of left liberal ecosystem are also questioning authenticity of this attack but what is more surprising is a women was attacked at midnight but this people are asking for proof of the attack and when proof is provided they are just neglecting it. This are the same people who were celebrating acid attack on Rangoli Chandel after she criticized Tablighi Jammat for spreading corona virus in India and were also asking for more such attacks on her. This displays the hate they posses. If a women is wife of Arnab Goswami or is a acid attack victim who supports right wing of India; their life doesn’t matter to them. Feminism dies a painful and gruesome death here.

In this case too, both the attackers are given bail by the court and the real victim of this attack, Arnab Goswami was questioned by police in N. M. Joshi Marg Police Station on 27 April for 12 hours.

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