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Only wish of Sonia Gandhi

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Some traditional congress sympathisers and those media houses and journalists are really fed with the grand old party and are quite sad and abysmally hopeless over the poll debacle of congress party since 2014.

Some party workers at the bottom of congress pyramid believes that Sonia Gandhi may be most sad than anyone else in the party for the present state of affairs of the party. But at the same time some party cadres also expressed the possibility that Sonia Gandhi may not be sad for the party or its utter failures but will be more sad and worried over the fate of Raghul Gandhi because her only wish today is not winning election or revival of congress party but wants her son to take over the party as its natural owner. 

When Sonia Gandhi was propped up during UPA 1 and 2, she did not have had any over ambition over her son becoming the president of the congress party. Or such desire would have been in hibernating state them and hence the party survived somehow and all sycophants were continuously praising Sonia Gandhi.

Even the leader of communist party like late Jyothi Basu who lost his face and party after the party agrees to render its support to congress party and wants Sonia Gandhi to become prime minister of India. That was the beginning of fall of left in India. But today the only wish of Sonia Gandhi is to make her son as president of congress party and not whether congress party wins election or not.  For Sonia Gandhi the party is family property and therefore no one else other than the family members alone should head the party.

The challenge of congress party is two folds whereas the challenge of Sonia Gandhi is quite singular. Congress has to regain its lost grounds and also must get an inspiring leader outside of the Gandhi family. This is the challenge of congress party. But for Sonia Gandhi, congress whether gains its lost ground or not is not the primary concern put her un-teachable son must be made president of the party again.

In fact the dynasty culture and unwinnable, post-retired leaders of the congress party are collectively degenerating congress party from within by buttressing the open desire of Sonia Gandhi to make her son president of the party and later it looks like defeat the dynast by many tactical means so that the oldies will have some control over the party.

Every congress supporter must ask whether they continue in the party just to fulfill the desire of Sonia Gandhi to make her un-teachable son as president of congress party again or for the ideology of the party. If they chose the ideology, they must realize the truth that the party has lost its ideology long before when the party started to worship one family instead of India.

Instead of patriotism and nationalism, the party men largely express and exhibit Sonia-ism and dynasty-ism and that is why the party is degenerating day by day.  

Modi has brought several transformations in the life of ordinary man ever since he came to power. Corruption in India has reduced significantly at top level, nepotism has disappeared, merit and not dynastic culture that prevails today in Indian politics. Modi is uniting India under one ethos and culture called Hinduism whereas congress party has divided India through minority appeasement and caste politics.

Congress party has started a new chapter in Indian politics that is called soft Hindutwa from Hindu terrorism sloganeering to appease minority communities and seriously polluted the secular credential of India. Modi is cleaning up Indian politics and corrupt system through structured reforms and pro-poor measures.

Indian needs to move forward, develop and prosper and therefore India should not think of the family politics of congress party or other dynastic political forces in India or the desire of Sonia Gandhi to make her son president of congress party. India need a firm, honest, endemically straight forward leader– Modi and Amit ShaH and decisive government and not tukde tukde gangs cobble up together and form government at centre and loot the country.  People should render their selfless, unconditional support to Modi to make India a great land where everyone of us partner and own such development, prosperity and sab ka vikas.

Jai Hind.

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