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Ramachandra Guha and call of congress party, regional parties must defeat congress first

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The congress party is totally clueless and is also equally confused over its stand on CAA. At one end, the Kapil Sibal of Congress party has said that the law enacted by parliament, no states in India can say would not implement or follow.

He puts a catch and caveat in his statement. He wants all political parties and state governments run by the opposition parties must unite under the congress and must form a big political movement to oppose CAA. Already the left liberals and many regional parties have lost their minority vote bank to the congress party. Only now the regional parties and tukde tukde gangs have understood/realized the danger of how the congress party is benefiting from their protest and toil of all those who protest against CAA and not the sponsor or the regional parties.

Therefore for the existence of the regional parties in Indian politic warrant them to isolate the congress and not BJP. BJP cannot be isolated because BJP is people’s party, the first and the best choice of India and PM Modi and Amit Shah are the only hope and aspirations of our country. 

What obviously crosses-over and overlap between several regional parties and congress is the core minority vote bank that they have earned through years of minority appeasement.

It is the minority support which is the basement of congress party and several other regional parties.  When congress divides the minority vote bank, naturally it is going to hurt the regional parties and vice versa. Congress has the natural advantage to project itself as the only alternatives to BJP at national level and not the tukede tukede regional parties; the shift of minority vote towards the congress party during parliamentary election is more likely than towards the regional parties.

The above bitter truth is well known to DMK, SP, JDS, TMC etc. In Tamil Nadu, DMK cannot win election if the party does not have the support of congress party. Whereas for the congress, DMK is not needed because even with DMK it can’t increase its vote base although it may win a few seats. Therefore DMK has more reasons and necessity to keep the congress cool and in good humour than own cadre base. In West Bengal too, TMC is wary of congress taking away its Muslim votes.

The above danger it looks like, Ramachandra Guha, the left liberal has understood and that is why he made a clandestine call to all opposition parties not to support the 5th the generation dynast and the congress party. If all these regional parties go irrelevant and insignificant in central politics and if they lose their minority vote base to congress, naturally all such regional parties have lots to worry and fear.

The choice before all regional parties which oppose Modi for everything must realise that they must defeat the congress party and its dynast first to save own boat or remain foolish and ignorant and die at the hands of congress party and without knowing the consequences still support the same congress party.

Guha has sensed the danger in advance and that is why he has given such warning to people of India with the hope that the opposition parties also would realize the impending danger and would start to isolate and defeat the congress party permanently.

The real challenge of all regional parties is not BJP or Modi but resurging congress party. Congress is going to be their big danger and hence the regional parties must unite to fight against congress party and not against BJP or Modi.

The call of congress party to all regional parties to unite under congress to fight CAA is a very cleaver move. Congress party wants to benefit to the maximum from the protest of regional parties against CAA. At the end the regional parties would draw blank. Regional parties must internalize the advice of Guha and must fight and defeat the congress first. Save your sinking boat first then you can profess pseudo-secularism is the veiled message of Guha to the regional parties.

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