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Open letter to Sagarika’s plea that protesters are not urban Naxals

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

Sagarika Madam,

Your contrived OPED column in TOI titled “PROTESTRS ARE NOT URBAN NAXALS“ condoling the CAA  protesters and  their ostensible victimization in the hands of the Modi regime, does not  surprise many who are so familiar with the intractable animosity of the Indian liberals towards Modi.

Yes Madam Sagarika! We do concede that all protesters are not urban Naxals because there always will be some ignorant fools, be it amongst the common man or celebrities, who would take to marching with placards and shouting slogans for a cause they have hardly understood and all this just to garner some cheap publicity. However any average follower of Indian politics would know that behind every protest there is this skulking instigation by Urban Naxals.

The Naxalism as an ideology is long dead as a result of increasing urbanization and benefits of technological advances reaching the rural areas. Although the Naxalism as an ideology is on the brink of extinction the Naxalsim as a very viable profession for intellectual mercenaries is very much alive and thriving. The professional Naxals, bereft of any ideology, have tasted the power of money and influence through their nuisance value in rent a cause protests.

The urban Naxals are constantly gnawing away like termites to dislodge the democratically elected govt. Anarchy is their main motive. The urban Naxal organization or for that matter any Naxal organization does not follow any semblance of democratic norms in running their organization. Their commanders are appointed by the red corridors junta; the dissenters amongst their files are eliminated. However they have this insolent expectation from the ruling regime to view their felonious anti national activities within the democratic frame.

If the Home Minister and other senior govt officials refer to the alleged role of Urban Naxals and “Tukde Tukde“ elements in a spurt of violent protests across India, it must definitely be based on reliable intelligence inputs. Even the news channels are bringing out shocking videos of clandestine role of anti national outfits like PFI.

Your malicious intent is evident when even a violent protest is bracketed along with normal protests that go as an expression of dissent and disapproval. Where there is violence there cannot be any sincere concern at the core of their grievance because it is more concerned with garnering adverse publicity for the govt and its administration. Provoking the administration and daring them to take suitable punitive actions of deterrence/prevention is the main motive behind such violent protests. Your accusations and insinuations concerning local govt patronized police excesses are ill founded, because crowd control measures anywhere, especially while dealing  with hostile mob, would demand use of appropriate weapons to dissuade and dispel them.

How  much of police action can pass off as coming under acceptable norms and how much is considered police excess is left only for the media’s convenience to decide. Sagarika madam! You and your ilk would  be going hammer and tongs at the same police forces for standing as mute spectators, if those at the receiving end of the violence happened to be the Muslim houses or Muslim establishments.

The right of a police personnel to defend their life under attack from professional protest mercenaries and actions emanating from the police in discharge of their duty to protect public property and innocent civilians cannot be called as police excesses. If the protesters can dispense with acceptable norms of protests and indulge in arson, looting and causing grave danger to society then police are well within their ethical norms to deal with the hooligans suitably.

When protests are engineered with a diabolical motive to exploit the ignorance and sensitive  mindsets of religious minorities to spread hate and violence, it ceases to be a protest of dissent and becomes a protest of deceit aimed to defile the national unity.

Madam Sagarika! You are bemoaning that under the present regime the right to protest, a fundamental feature of democracies, is getting constantly undermined. However as a matter of  fact, if one makes even a casual recall of the political news concerning the Nation then one can observe that right from the time the Modi govt had come in to power, much to the consternation of the pseudo seculars, there has been regular protests on one issue or the other inside the parliament, at the parliament premises and on the streets of India.

There has been a long list of Protests that have been directed at the ruling regime. Protests against land ceiling, protests against reservation, perceived intolerance, SC/ST criminal act court ruling, against demonetization, against beef ban, divestment in public sectors, merger of banks, demolition of Ambedkar Bhavan in Mumbai, restriction of entry for women in specific temples,  location of metro shed in Aarey colony Mumbai, frequent farmers stir, abrogation of article 370 and so on. Protests have been happening both as a consequence of natural outbursts of dissent and also in many cases as an orchestrated response with dubious motive. Where is the ground  Sagrika madam! For you to lament that protester‘s space is shrinking under NDA regime. As a matter of fact protests have become a regular mode of expression of disgruntlement by pseudo seculars at being usurped out of power.

The attempt to invoke comparison with past regimes especially that of NDA under ABV has become a stale ploy in your columns to show Modi govt in poor  light. You are pointing  out that  dialogue was a much sought after path to chart out implementation of  various govt initiatives on matters of national concern under previous regimes. Even an elementary student of politics would deduce what is the limited prospect for such dialogue with the opposition, given the   scornful resentment of pseudo secular practitioners in the opposition parties in accepting peoples verdict that brought Modi govt to power.

It is an abject failure of the opposition in giving that kind of confidence to Modi govt over the bright prospect of dialogue process. Any initiative from Modi govt would get critically evaluated by the out of power political parties from the stand point of how an “advantage Modi” situation can be thwarted. Modi govt cannot be faulted with for losing confidence over Dialogue process.

If only Modi govt had adopted such a dialogue process for all govt initiatives then it would have been a certain recipe for long delays leading to denial. Many pro people initiatives and policies  would have been languishing in various parliamentary committees. Notwithstanding their valid  aversion for the dialogue process, Modi govt. diligently followed procedures and processes acquiescent with parliamentary principles in all the legislation ushered in by them. Sagarika Madam! Please do not ignore the fact that the much wrangled GST introduction was preceded by long drawn dialogue and negotiation process.

More often than not these dialogues processes are nothing but an opportunity for those out of power to extract their pound of flesh for extending non hindrance. There is no meaningful purpose served if despite getting an overwhelming majority if a govt is required to undertake this long drawn so called dialogue process with the opposition which has the prime objective of scuttling any govt initiative.

One cannot compare a coalition time necessitated govt style to a govt style which is not depended on any coalition. It is very much apparent that Indian Liberals and Presstitutes would long for those days when weak coalition govts was order of the day. Because it ensured that govts were always on tenterhooks and that made a perfect setting for the lobbyists to revel and flourish.

The liberals who accept “Barat tere tukde tukde karenge” slogans as freedom of expression, why do they cringe about “Go to Pakistan” remarks from the other camp. Why are the liberals so miffed about senior police officials or ministers found using these expressions against these anti national elements especially when they were blatantly shouting anti-India slogans.

The opposition leaders like Rahul Ghandhi and his coterie were found participating in “tukde tukde” Melas and thereby giving their tacit approval for the legitimacy of such anti national   slogans. Why the Liberal lobby was found encouraging that anti national cult under freedom of expression pretext? And why they are wincing at the remarks of “Go to Pakistan”? “Go to Pakistan” expression need not necessarily be construed as an expression calling for expulsion or ostracism. It does include the benign intention of letting the antagonists get correct perspective of their  perceived grievance by getting a fist hand experience in Pakistan as to what level of personal freedom with respect to religious beliefs they would enjoy.

The sickular champions do not realize this matter of certitude that when the existence of the very concept of a nation is at peril what will the so called liberal secularism would go on to accomplish. In trying to up hold this twisted and crooked form of secularism neither the secularism nor the nation will survive in the end.

Thanks to Hinduism and the majority Hindus that the secularism is still alive in India and there is a hope that it will continue to thrive. A cursory glance at the political history of many nations show that secularism has been the very first casualty when it allowed certain religious faiths to grow without any restrictions.

Even if India rightfully becomes the “Hindu Rashtra” in the near future there sure would be a hope for followers of other faiths to co-exist without getting persecuted. But same cannot be guaranteed, if due to unchecked infiltration and unchecked population growth should this land  become an Islamic entity. The sad saga of Kashmir is a clear cut example of things to come when  you allow secularism under liberal democracy to be exploited by some faiths which believe in eliminating other faiths to establish their supreme hegemony.

The CAA does not have anything for an Indian citizen to worry about, be it a minority Muslim or a Majority Hindu. But surely, those who live by the dreams of converting this entire world into an Islamic caliphate will have something to worry about.

The practice of liberalism by many liberal democracies world over has extracted a heavy price in terms of loss of security and peace. Astronomical sums have been expended by world of nations in trying to maintain and upgrade security measures for its citizens. If only such huge sums could have been diverted to poverty elimination the world would have been a better place to live.

As per the adage that is more prevalent in south of Vindhyas “Too much of the mythological nectar can also turn into poison”. I hope the liberals do realize this soon that too much of unregulated liberalized democracy will become its own poison. Democracies cannot survive any more by excess dosage of liberalism.

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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