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Anjali 'Anubhuti' is a trustee of Pranam, a movement dedicated to truth love karm and light, the essence of true spirituality. Pranam aspires to re-connect humans and humanity to Nature, her laws and Universal Consciousness, through Dhyan and working on the self. She is also on various committees dedicated towards revival of Indian crafts and textiles. Anjali is an award winning design graduate from NIFT, New Delhi, an MBA and currently runs her own business.

Inspired by the various fossilised historians like Romeetha and Erfahab, Anubhuti — the modern-day multi-tasking servant of the Supreme Energy decided to morph into their upgraded versions and re-write history in its correct perspective. After all, it was no longer ‘his’ or her story, but a free-for-all that was non-empirical, non-subjective and obviously non-objective! Whimsical opinions and vague references were admissible proofs. A bit of imagination could add colour and humane qualities to even the most ferocious beings and events of yore.

Vharatta may claim to be one of the oldest civilisations, but she became civil only when the mighty Oohgulls visited. All talk of the nation being ‘sone ki chiria,’ a golden bird was actually based on a bluebird that flew to the Oohgulls and tweeted stories of her physical and spiritual wealth to them, while the local Kings were caught napping, hence the word ‘sona’ i.e. sleep was prefixed.

The foreigners came to spread true spirituality because they were always the ‘peaceful’ ones – loving and blessing all with wealth and prosperity wherever they went. They never plundered, looted or raped the local populace.

Actually the King, who when captured, famously stated something connoting the following – ‘treat me as one king would treat another’ was referring to the fact that the residents always viewed everyone equally, so they gave up their land to the visiting guests quite willingly for justice equality and liberty….The Oohgulls welcomed this Citizen’s Acceptance act – eerr …CAA with celebrations that lasted for weeks and resulted in blocked roads!!!  You see, sharing is caring.

Soon the indigenous people became vassals and some Vharatta residents were  thrilled by the advanced technology, vision and liberal views of the visitors that they decided to give up their own culture which only had vague concept like that of zero, the Earth being round etc., to embrace the grander ‘hole’istic monotheistic views of the invaders.

The local mythological deities were many and each one had a specific task assigned to them, so much so that it seemed crowed up there. They had to be abandoned to create space. The heavens were actually meant only for 72 beauties and some special humans who could detonate themselves to reach there.


They say history repeats itself. Rightly so. Each detonation was repeated effortlessly to perfection. Even Chanookiya the smart old professor at an ancient university could not have planned these better.

Chanookiya might have quoted stories of various mythical characters and read about Prince Arjoonah of the Panduves who had disguised himself as a trans-gender many moons ago, but he would have been pleasantly surprised to see  tradition being gloriously carried forth by bindi wearing bearded beauties studying at the modern day Nalanda of Jeyhenyou.

Anubhuti, now a woke historian in her own right, also failed to understand the hullabaloo over the birthplace of a baby prince, that too of the one born many centuries ago. Afterall her research showed that most babies are born in hospitals and the demand of one of the ‘peacefuls’ to build a hospital at the site was indeed in sync with tradition.


Actually, trouble began when one of his forefathers — a visiting Oohgull King, had constructed a place of worship over the same area. This was because the soul of the ‘peaceful’ monarch knew that by doing so he would get deliverance. Just like the powerful southern king Raovanah had before him, when an arrow shot by the exiled prince had pierced his navel. The soul knows all, the mind doesn’t…. things in history happen because nature has ordained them to fit into a grander scheme of things.

And finally, closer to current times, a man wearing only a humble loincloth had managed to secure freedom for the nation from its latest set of invaders. They had lifted Vharatta out of poverty, bestowing upon her the blessing of the vulture of angrezi culture. The humble loinclothed man wanted to make everyone like himself, clothed skimpily …. How happy he would be to see the youth of today. They would make him proud. Torn jeans and shorts…so close to his favourite airy dhoti!

Besides this, he wanted continuity. A sense of eternity. Therefore, he ensured that his name was bestowed upon the lady with the statuesque nose who carried further the mission of gareebi hatao – removal of poverty, poverty of her family. Till date, her legal heirs continue to bear regal airs along with the nose, ensuring that they always stay poor…by running loss-making business that make millions!

The only ones to usurp their days of glory are a pair of Gir Lions. Their presence and roar make most people leave and abandon their senses. That is why they are called LEFT…and RIGHT next to them are the silent majority that watches in awe for they know that once bitten by these two, few can survive.

There is total polarisation. Either you are Left or Right. The middle path is lost. Perhaps now another Buddha or Krishna is required to show the way where none exists. A song of the soul, a daily guide, a Nityageeta which will show the path of truth love karm and light to humanity. As Anubhuti’s mentor the venerable seer-scientist M.Om often states, these are times of upheaval, churning and sifting. And since we are moving towards an age of truth – Satyug, truth will be the only medium for deliverance.

So let us stand with the Truth.

Aayahi satya avirbhava 

O’ truth, come manifest.

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Anjali 'Anubhuti' is a trustee of Pranam, a movement dedicated to truth love karm and light, the essence of true spirituality. Pranam aspires to re-connect humans and humanity to Nature, her laws and Universal Consciousness, through Dhyan and working on the self. She is also on various committees dedicated towards revival of Indian crafts and textiles. Anjali is an award winning design graduate from NIFT, New Delhi, an MBA and currently runs her own business.

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