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A new Kashmir: One year after abrogation of Article 370 and 35(A)

We are moving rapidly towards a better and beautiful heaven on earth. People of Kashmir need to be a little more patient and supportive towards the Indian government.

History re-written

There is total polarisation. Either you are Left or Right. The middle path is lost. Perhaps now another Buddha or Krishna is required to show the way where none exists.

Kashmir; it’s all about Islam

Islam is the problem in Kashmir. Kashmir is not a political or any ideological movement.

Article 370 and attempts to subvert Indian Democracy!

Article 370 has been a point of contention since its inception with Dr B R Amedkar, the chairman of the constitution drafting committee refusing to endorse it

A historic day no one thought they would ever witness: The End of Article 370!

J&K turning into a union territory will help the center to gain a stronghold in the region with the police and other departments under its home ministry.

पड़ताल: प्रजापति एनकाउंटर मामले में मीडिया द्वारा खबर के नाम पर परोसा जा रहा है झूठ

संदीप तमगड़े ने खुद ये स्वीकार किया था कि तुलसीराम प्रजापति एनकाउंटर केस में अमित शाह के खिलाफ उनके पास कोई सबूत नहीं है. बावजूद इसके कि अमित शाह को इस मामले में कब का बरी किया जा चुका है, मीडिया का एक भाग जबरदस्ती केवल एक पीआइएल के आधार पर उनका नाम घसीटने को आतुर है.

Why it’s not just the Modi wave

More than Modi wave, once again people of UP reposed their faith on credibility of Modi, after 37 years. They aspire to seek a better living, a better future for their kids riding on Modi’s charisma.

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