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A historic day no one thought they would ever witness: The End of Article 370!

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

Finally! Modi government has done what it was elected to do in the first place. To correct one of the biggest blunders committed by the leadership of India at the time of independence. It took 5 years but Modi government finally did what they promised their voters at the time of the election. And they did it so smoothly that no one knew what they were up to until they actually did it. 

Jammu & Kashmir joined the Union of India by signing the Instrument Of Accession on 26th October 1947 after the invasion by the Pakistan sponsored Pashtoon tribe in return for military assistance. The leadership at that time accepted to give J&K a special autonomous state status, many including B.R. Ambekar and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were against this demand but few prominent leaders including Jawahar Lal Nehru accepted it and created article 370 in the Indian Constitution of India which was a mini-constitution in itself. And from that time, Kashmir has remained like a useless limb of India which has always been infected by the Islamic militancy and jihadist mentality. 

But from today, all this is going to change. Article 370 which provide autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir is finally scraped with a presidential order and has been dumped into the history books. Jammu & Kashmir will now be bifurcated into two union territories, one will be Ladakh which will help the people of that region to finally get free from the shackles of a failed state and will be able to put forward their aspirations directly to the central government while another union territory will be of Jammu & Kashmir which will have its own legislatures like Delhi and Puducherry. This will result in a reduction of the number of states from 29 to 28 and an increase in Union Territories from 7 to 9.

New Map Of J&K (Source: India TV)

This news has sent pseudo-liberals and Anti-Modi low IQed Intelligentsia into a meltdown. And soon it will give sleepless nights to all the Kashmiri separatists as this Bill has not only made article 370 ‘cease to exist’ but has also turned these separatists into some of the most irrelevant people of the country.

The region of Jammu & Kashmir and its common people have long suffered due to this article which has halted their development for decades. Further, it has been a motivating force for the separatists and a way to brainwash the youth into thinking that Kashmir should be a separate country. J&K is a very large state which includes the region of Jammu, Ladakh, and Kashmir, but most of the problem is concentrated in the valley of Kashmir where separatists brainwash the youth and fund them to pelt stones on the Indian Army. Pakistan funded organizations turn them into Islamic terrorists to wage jihad on India.

In the valley, Hindu Kashmiri Pundits were massacred by the jihadist in the 1990s, men were killed, their women were raped and even Hindu children were not spared. Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave the valley and became refugees in their own country with no one there to listen to their voices, not even the so-called Supreme Court of India. Kashmiri Pandits waited for the justice they deserved and it has finally arrived after three decades. Kashmir valley is suffering from Islamic radicalization. ISI flags are being hosted on the rooftops. Mosques have become a hub of brainwashing and radicalizing the youths of the valley. Ancient Hindu history and temples are being desecrated and Pakistan sponsored Kashmiri separatists are demanding for the Islamic Republic. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Raliv, Chaliv , ya Galiv!” which meant “either mixup (with Muslims by accepting Islam), or flee (the holy Islamic Kashmir), or dissolve or die!

-Slogan raised by Islamist against the Kashmiri Hindus

In coming years things are going to change for good. J&K turning into a union territory will help the center to gain a stronghold in the region with the police and other departments under its home ministry. Soon the jihadist and the Islamic terrorist in the valley will be taken care of and our Kashmiri Pandits will be rehabilitated to their rightful lands in peace. People from other states would also be able to start their businesses and invest in the region, due to which the economy of J&K will flourish.

While the liberals will be delivered their fair share of Burnol to heal their burn wounds, the separatists will be given the treatment they deserved in the first place. My advisory to a common Kashmiri would be to cooperate with the forces and authorities and maintain peace in the valley, further they must help with the transition of Kashmir from a failed and radicalization infected state into a prosperous union territory and part of India.

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

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