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त्रिपुरा के बहाने महाराष्ट्र में कट्टरपंथियों का उपद्रव

जिन मुसलिम कट्टरपंथी संगठनों ने हिंसा कराई, केवल वे ही नही, बल्कि जिन लोगो ने देशव्यापी झूठ प्रचार कर लोगों को भडकाया, उन सबको कानून के कटघरे में खडा किया जाना बहुत आवश्यक हैं।

More than that meets the eye: Weeding out fake news

The Government of India, must take cues from Singapore in enacting a specific piece of legislation to regulate the freedom of press from spurring fake news and false alarms and while doing so it is cardinal to not overlook the rights concerning speech and expression, and to carry on the business, which are pedestal to democracy.

History re-written

There is total polarisation. Either you are Left or Right. The middle path is lost. Perhaps now another Buddha or Krishna is required to show the way where none exists.

The secret payload on Chandrayaan 2

Unknown to the rest of the world, the Rover had a top-secret payload embedded within its core, only to be released on the lunar surface, from where it would be set-off to its final destination.

SC Directs Maulavi who faked “getting beaten and forced to chant Jai Shreeram” to Read and distribute Ramayana.

According to peace keeping forces of local Madarsa he was beaten by his four wives for not getting nailpaints of colours of their choice.

Fake news plague hits ‘The Hindu’: Not only the BJP but nation is also a victim

The fake news plague, widely prevalent in websites like 'The Wire' and 'The Print', have now hit the mainstream media like The Hindu, IANS, Business Standard which is dangerous to the democratic fabric of the nation.

NDTV’s spin to recent NRC issue

NDTV just a Fakenews factory or inciter of a Civil war?

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