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Uncle-Nephew feud in NCP, last nail in the coffin of dynastic politics and nepotism

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The term nepotism originates from Italy. Now people may wonder why the congress party promote and perpetuate nepotism and dynastic culture than developing merit and talent based leadership to lead the party.

The term ‘nepos’ also refers to nephew in Latin. In the olden days, especially in late 17th century, many Catholic popes and Bishops appointed their nephews to several high posts as the pops and bishops had no son (s) of their own due to their decision to follow celibacy.

It means nepotism was quite rampant in the catholic practice in some parts of the world and may be in Italian culture also.

In Indian mythology, nepotism has been described only as social evil and the sacred Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma never promote nepotism to retain power or position in any form. The King Dhritarastra if had not promoted nepotism and his son Duryodhana not blind towards his uncle and be a dancing doll, the great war of Mahabharata would not have taken place.

The demon Ravan used his uncles Maricha and Subahu to help him to abduct Mother Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, the God of India. Although both Maricha and Subahu expressed their reluctance and fear, the force of Ravan they could not be whipped by them and hence they decided to die at the hands of Lord Ram and attain Moksha. Even Lord Krishna incarnated to destroy the evil king Kamsa, his uncle.

The contrast of Hinduism is that our mythology has clearly shown how bad was nepotism and how God himself incarnated at different points in time to destroy nepotism and send a clear message about the ill effects of nepotism.


What we witness today in NCP, the feud between uncle and nephew is nothing new. For safeguarding the power and party, the uncle would have trusted his nephew more than anyone else in the party and now the same nephew may be revolting against his uncle for the reason that he no more wants to be a ‘chief in waiting’ but wants to own the party. Therefore wants the uncle to gracefully retire and party be handed over to the nephew.

Luckily, for MK Stalin of DMK does not have to pass through such test as he has son whereas Sharad Pawer does not have a son. Earlier India had witnessed the big fun in SP where the son Akilesh Yadav and his Uncle Shivpal Sing Yadav, brother of Mulayam Sing Yadav used to fight in the street almost every day.

The point to be noted by Indians is about how nepotism can ruin our country.


Tiruvalluvar in his famous work Tirukural explains how nepotism is bad and negative to our society. Hindu mythology has clearly shown how bad nepotism is though several events such as Ravan- Maricha-Subahu, Kamsa and Lord Krishna, Duryodhana-Shakuni etc. The irony is that the origin of the word nepotism is from Italy where Catholic bishops and pops in the past used to appoint their nephew to power to continue the legacy. 

Lord Krishna and Lord Ram stood against nepotism and promoted values, merit, honesty and Dharma. PM Modi and Amit Shah in letter and spirit oppose dynastic politics and nepotism because such social evil would ruin the country and would also directly and indirectly promote sycophancy.

For example, in DMK, the son of Stalin is quite powerful and several party leaders can easily get party ticket to contest election if they have the grace of Stalin’s son or other close relatives of Stalin. Therefore from respecting the leadership, worshiping the leadership culture would begin forcefully thanks to nepotism.

A leader is loved, worshiped, adored and praised lavishly by millions only when they see the leader as honest, dedicated the self to develop the country, achieve sab ka vikas, ensure national security, end corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics. PM Modi is such leader India has today and that is why millions adore and worship him.

People must clearly differentiate the culture of sycophancy where the party cannot function without one family from the definition of Bhakti which is otherwise called as devotion.

Time has come India must differentiate Bhakti from sycophancy. We need Desh Bhakti, Bhakti to law and order, Bhakti to good thoughts and deeds and simultaneously we also must display our Bhakti to honest, corruption free, decisive leadership than be a sycophant, stand in the queue with a bowl hoping that the sycophancy would provide some political dividend.

Bhaktas ask for universal peace, development and prosperity, law of truth and justice, sab ka vikas etc. On the contrary the sycophants would always ask for favours to the self or to their family members and would never care about the country. Bhaktas are always humble and humane because there is a super power over them but the sycophants on the other hand would tries to display how best they can praise the one family to maximize their profit.

Time has come every Indian must come back to Indian-ness, must learn and follow the sacred and eternal teachings of Hinduism, the message of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna and must work together to defeat all those play dynastic politics, promote nepotism, corruption and instability.  Let us support PM Modi unconditionally to make India a great land, land of peace, prosperity, universal brother hood, tolerance, truth, honesty, corruption free governance, sab ka vikas and finally free from nepotism and dynastic politics.

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