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BSP played ringmaster of congress in Rajasthan but got hunted

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At last the congress party has realized the truth that it can grow only when it eliminates the regional parties. For the congress party to earn some national status, it must fight ruthlessly against all regional parties and not BJP. Only when India is freed from regional politics, the country can be developed. The suffering and bad reputation that the congress party suffers today is due to its principle-less approach and partnership  to corruption mostly by several regional parties in UPA1 and 2 and it was beautifully justified by the then prime minister of India as ‘coalition compulsion’.

All the regional parties including the party of the dynast – the un-teachable Rahul Gandhi has only two or three slogans to utter, such as secularism, inclusive India, Hindutwa etc. Ironically today all the 6 BSP MLA’s in Rajasthan has merged with congress party by citing the same slogan that for the sake of uniting all secular forces, we are joining congress party. Today congress party has proven to be the real praying mantis, literally has preyed down BSP and the supreme ego of Mayawati.

Need of the hour is not an alliance between different political parties that oppose BJP and PM Modi as he is blocking every opportunity for them loot the nation, but they should fight with each other for space. Will Mayawati ever forgive and forget the butchery of the mandate of BSP in Rajhasthan by the Congress party? Should she ever align with congress or should she fight the congress party in future? Similarly if the congress party feels that it could stabilize its government by engaging in wholesale purchase of the BSP MLA’s, how can it be stable if it aligns with such fringe players in future?

The same wisdom congress also must show in dealing with DMK in Tamil Nadu. DMK is all time weak after Vellore election. The next assembly election is indeed an acid test for DMK than for other political parties because if DMK loses the next assembly election, that would be an end of DMK. Therefore DMK will be ready for any compromise which the congress party must capitalize.  Not only stake in the government, congress also must limit the DMK from contesting seats less than simple majority.

The above praying mantis approach of congress party in all probability is going scare all regional parties like TMC, SP, NCP etc. TMC has already started to show the signs of senescence and retreat and congress can easily demolish TMC. Congress has already diminished the left in Kerala. The regional parties also must realize the fact that a stable and strong congress is not good for them. Therefore the regional parties must push the congress to an insignificant position as congress lack leadership, ideology and honesty.

It was Mayawati who was serving lease of life to congress in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan but today congress has flushed Mayawati and her BSP out of Rajasthan by merging all 6 MLA’s of BSP with congress party.

The problem of congress party and other regional forces are one and the same. All of them are fighting for their identity and toe hold space in Indian politics. The stability congress party has achieved in Rajasthan by flushing BSP out of Rajasthan and at the same time such an effort also has indeed weakened the congress at national scene where all regional parties are going to be sceptical of congress party in future.

The interesting point is that how several beggars with empty hands can join together and share penury and poverty and can fight richness. The phrase beggar is used because none of the opposition parties including the congress party has any clear idea, agenda, leadership or honesty whereas PM Modi represents richness, honesty, transparency, newness, development and sab ka vikas.

The state where congress can really take the regional force to its size is Tamil Nadu. The vote bank of DMK in Tamil Nadu is predominantly of minority community. It is the congress party that is acting as glue to the above consolidation and hence if congress party makes hard bargain it can win. Even if congress loses it must focus of defeating the DMK if DMK doesn’t yield easily to congress party.

All regional parties must take a uniform stand to deal the congress party and only then they can grow. On the contrary, congress must either make the regional players to supplicate or else must play the role of spoil sport.

India as country stands with PM Modi because his governance is free of corruption, dynastic politics and nepotism. Development and sab ka vikas is the ultimate mission of Modi.

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