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What makes BJP different from other political parties after 2014

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Ansh Jha
Observing Indian Politics since 2014, Right- minded

Needless to say, the political leaders of our country, more often than not, hanker after riches and wait greedily for the offer of ministerial roles whereas the political parties are keen on forming the government, sidelining their ideologies. Over the years, the political condition of our country has worsened because of nepotism, hunger for power and lack of internal democracy in the parties. The modern-day politics is all about winning the elections by hook and crook, but the political scenario of our country abruptly changed when our PM started leading from the front. Let’s discuss what makes BJP different from other parties after 2014.

A political party can do nothing without its karyakartas. In fact, they work diligently from day to night to bridge the gap between the people and the party, but the saddening part is that very few of them get the chance to contest the elections. Generally, the rich, powerful and influential candidates, having no link or connection with the party, get the tickets which directly or indirectly affects the morale of party workers who sacrifice everything for the nation and the party. Hence, the top leadership of political parties must give them opportunities to lead from the front in spite of fielding the influential and powerful personalities. The only party that values its karyakartas and give them ample opportunities is BJP and it is gleeful to see Tejaswi Surya, a karyakarta of the BJP, sitting in the parliament. Our country needs such young and dynamic leaders who will play pivotal roles in the smooth and swift running of the country.

Due to the lack of internal democracy in the majority of the political parties, their organisational structure has crumbled up which, in turn, has increased the gap between the people and the leaders. It is very important for such parties to strengthen the local leadership in order to resurrect the faith among the common masses. The only party that has worked on strengthening the organisational structure is BJP, which is one of the key reasons for its massive victory in the general elections.


The top leadership of almost all the parties rest in the hand of dynasts which has eroded the credibility of such parties and forced people to look for an alternative. Nobody either wants to work or vote for such parties because one’s talent and experience are not valued by the dynasts.  After the general elections, it has been proved that people want a mass leader to lead the country. It is the high time when all the opposition parties need to conduct internal elections or to choose a mass leader ahead of a dynast.

The hunger for power compelled all the national and regional parties to come together and fight against the BJP, but the mega alliance miserably failed to allure the voters because the alliance had no vision for the development of the country, and the voters understood their motto of coming together. Every party needs to entrench its ideology and vision for the country if they want to combat BJP.

Without an iota of doubt, the opposition parties need to work diligently for their revival otherwise, BJP will continuously rule the country without a strong opposition which is a big threat to the country. We not only need a strong government but also a strong opposition. Hopeful, the opposition leaders will play their role efficiently and effectively.

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Ansh Jha
Observing Indian Politics since 2014, Right- minded

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