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Congress in the midst of many Bakasura yawning for a Bhima

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What congress party needs today is a Bhima to save the party and to destroy the dynastic culture and sycophancy politics that is growing within the congress party like Bakasura.

In Mahabharat it is mentioned that Bhima along with his mother and four brothers went for an incognito phase near Ekacakra or otherwise called as Cakrangari, near West Bengal. In that city, there was a demon called Bakasura also lived. To save the village/city, the king agreed to send large quantity of provisions every week along with the man employed taking the same to Bakasura so that the Bakasura can eat all the provisions including the man.

Finally it was the turn of Bhima to take the feed to Bakasura. Bhima went to the Bakasura along with the provision, killed him and then saved the village.


If we reflect the above Mahabharat story and compared it with the happenings in congress party, we can speak with great certainty that the congress party desperately needs a Bhima to destroy the culture of dynasty and sycophancy which is devouring the party like how Bakasura was devouring the village.

No one would be interested to be like a ‘chained dog’, always loyal to the master, wag the tail continuously to express the loyalty to the family and their freedom ends as the end of the chain and that may be the reason none wants to become the president of congress party.

If anyone takes over as president of congress party, they can be only a figure head chief and the real chief would be the family. Any one tries to excel the family would be thrown out of the party like the fate of Sharad Pawar, Madavarao Sciendia, Rajesh Pilot, Narasimha Rao, Sitaram Kesari etc. Why even Kamaraj was also ousted when the family disliked him.


Today the culture of sycophancy and dynasty must be eliminated from the party. Like Bhima how he killed Bakasura, the new leader must re-build the party without the direct or indirect influence of Gandhi family. It is merit and not dynastic bonafide, vision and not nepotism, honesty and not corrupt mentality, vision for India and not minority appeasement, positive politics and not lie selling and fear mongering, the congress needs to promote. Congress can survive and become relevant only if the party totally cut off from one family and instead must drive merit and talent. Even if such reform may cause some shocks and shortcomings but all such confusions would settle soon.

Congress also must realize the truth that the party should not support and strengthen regional parties for some petty immediate poll benefits. Regional parties are likely to have very short and narrow vision to survive in the respective state and hence would kindle nothing but regionalism and not national spirit or sentiments.

Therefore congress must take a firm stand against all regional parties, especially the DMK and only then the party can regain its lost identity at national level as an all India party. Congress has bright future only when it comes out of the family culture and Gandhi family. But the old ducks doesn’t allow that to happen because according to them, if merit encroaches into congress party, the old ducks would go irrelevant and jobless. Today they enjoy the paraphernalia in the party by calling themselves as the most experienced lot, thinkers and articulators of congress strategy. What congress needs today is not thinkers or experience persons but a Bhima to kill Bakasura (the culture of sycophancy, nepotism and dynasty). Congress party must seek its mukti from Gandhi family and only then merit and talent can lead the party to success.


The challenge of congress party is quite high as India has changed. PM Modi has brought several transformations not only in the life of people but also in the thinking of millions and millions of people. The governance model of Narendra Modi is absolutely free from corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics, minority appeasement, fear mongering etc., instead PM Modi is focusing on development of the nation and sab ka vikas. Therefore congress must instead of criticizing the Prime Minister, they must adore and his leadership and must gain the grace of people of India by supporting and PM Modi.

S Ranganathan

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