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Neo-liberals and slaves of dynastic politics must come out of Gandhi parivar to save Congress

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The neo-liberals who claim to be the custodians of free speech, liberation and democracy in India must first liberate themselves from the culture of dynastic politics and must realize that plenty of leaders are there in congress party to lead and not just the unteachable dynast alone.

The congress men can remain helpless because they are born in the prison of dynastic culture and all they know is also only to live inside the prison. They neither aspire for freedom nor know how to live in freedom. The problem of those prisoners is not about the love for prison but they do not want another prisoner to be their leader. It is quite natural that no slave would like another slave to be their leader. Naturally all prisoners and slaves would like to listen to the warden of the prison or to the master than to a fellow prisoner. If at all they ever the prisoners discuss with each other, would be more about how to escape from the prison and not for seeking freedom and dignity within the prison. In the prison every prisoner would only compete to show their commitment and unconditional love to the warden of the prison.

The neo-liberals, prisoners and slaves of the dynastic politics in congress party must realize that the NEW INDIA designed and defined by Narendra Modi demands aspiration, responsibility, commitment and duty consciousness from everyone towards the nation and not towards one family.

Therefore Desh-Bhakti and not Pariwar Bhakthi is needed.

The irony is that every post-retirement congress man wants the dynast to do surgery within the party and restructure it but should not exclude them. The post-retirement dynast bhaktas wants the dynast to bring more young faces in the Congress party but all those oldies should be included. When every old and out dated congress men wants new and young faces in the party but they are not willing to give up their space, how the party can be re-structured. In order to firm up their space, they are renewing their bhakti to the family and repeat that only the dynast alone is fit to lead the party.

The problem congress party face today is more due to the culture of sycophancy and dynasty.  The dynast in true sense as TIME magazine described is un-teachable because all he knows is only to abuse Modi. Even after his repeated poll defeat if he dares to say Modi won due to lies, even Gods from heaven cannot help the dynast or his party.


Indians demand and expect reasonable honesty and commitment from its leaders. PM Modi has brought the new rule in Indian politics that TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPH hereafter in India. In the last parliamentary election, a very well-articulated and concerted effort was made both by the dynast and other tukde tukede gangs to sell and sow the seeds of lies, negative politics and politics of hatred against Modi.

India is the land of several sacred spiritual masters like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda etc., as well as the incarnation of Lord in human form – Ram and Krishna. The holy land and its people have proved that truth and dharma alone shall win and not untruth and hate politics. The victory of DMK-Congress in Tamil Nadu may be a temporary victory but it will not sustain. That is why even after the victory of DMK still its remains powerless. 

PM Modi re-kindled the ancient Bhakti era, made people aspirational, made people responsible, accountable and participate in building the New India.


Modiji and BJP are not engaged in politics but are engaged in governance, empowerment, development and economic growth of poor people.  On the contrary, the party of dynast and other tukede tukede gangs are still interested only politics for power to loot, spreading lies, negative politics and hate politics.

What is happening in congress party after the poll defeat is a very good case study for the people of India.  It looks like the party had existed only for power and only because of power.  When the party lost power, the party has gone totally clueless and eccentric.  Is that party India want, time has come, people of India must ask?

Need of the hour is trust and support. Modi alone can save India. Therefore people must pledge their unconditional trust and support to Modi and not to tukde tukde gangs. Corruption free governance, governance fully dedicated for development, sab ka vikas, national security, empowerment of poor, governance free of corruption and nepotism by Modi must be supported.  Let us pledge our unconditional support to Modi and let us build New India.

S Ranganathan

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