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Why is the left so desperate?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

For as long as I can remember, we have been a family of Hindu Nationalists. Lest that statement is taken in the demonised version that the left liberal media usually paints it as, I would like to clarify that I believe being a Hindu Nationalist means believing in the concept of living in harmony with everything around you. Because that is what my ancestors followed as the true path towards enlightenment. If anyone just gives a cursory glance at the many Hindu rituals without actually having to go into the history of it, one can just realise how much these rituals actually are a part of being in harmony with the nature.

Whether we like it or not, we have as a civilisation gradually been demonised and later parodied with stories of snake charmers and piss drinkers by the elite West. I can understand their desperation to do that. It ensured that they could control the masses. But then we gained independence from them. Shouldn’t we have rushed back to our roots and revived them to protect our culture and identity?

Instead we chose to drive the people who were the biggest exploiters of humanity and then somehow adopted their culture and started believing their version of our history. This I guess is where our founding fathers made the first big mistake. They chose the demonised version of our culture integrating it with their philosophy of secularism, which essentially led to our Ex PM Shri Manmohan Singh saying that Muslim shall have first right of resources.

Lets understand the true meaning of that statement. Even the sterilised version of our history will tell you that India was a land of riches and knowledge. That is one the reasons the vast array of Islamic hordes including the Mughals and British Invaders tried to conquer our country. Even after hundreds and hundreds of years loot and plunder, India still had untapped vast natural resources and the years of misrule and distortion could have erased our memories of a glorious past but they couldn’t completely erase our penchant for being brainy!

So by any logical sense India should have just zoomed towards a growth story unparalled anywhere. But we didn’t and we couldn’t. The reasons for that are manifold but the most important amongst that is, it was the will of our political masters, who controlled the strings and definitely didn’t want the people to go back to their true history. So they distorted our school books and made us all believe in their ideology of Left Liberalism. The culmination of years of that progrom led to the statement issued by our then PM Manmohan Singh.

So what changed now that is making the left so desperate and keeping the liberal media on tenterhooks? Simple, we started to go back to our roots and are now proudly saying I am a Hindu and am proud of my culture. That is what is making them quake in their boots. They have realised that good governance means taking everyone along with you and not empty promises and poll rhetoric. They have come to realise that their politics of fear and intimidation will not work anymore because every Indian has understood their true heritage stems from being able to live in harmony with everyone irrespective of their caste, creed and culture including with nature.
And finally they have come to realise that if people start looking at the past, the many skeletons in their closets will come tumbling out.


That is why the left liberals are so desperate. They tried to scuttle progress once by propagating false claims about a non existent coffin scam and succeeded. This time too they would have succeeded in the propaganda of a non existent Rafael scam, unfortunately the development of information technology scuppered their chances as people became more aware and therefore they are pulling out all stops, crossing all boundaries and showing their true colors to the masses.
In their desperation they are making outlandish claims, peddling unbelievable lies and demeaning everyone in general. That in itself is a victory for all of us. But as they say resting on victories is a sureshot way to stop succeeding. So let them get desperate as each election day passes by but this should not stop us from reclaiming our lost identity.

Even after all this, the one thing I will never be able to fathom is, why does the Left Liberal hate this country so much that they are willing to sacrifice it’s progress for the sake of power?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

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