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Time Magazine- victim of lobby or villain of India? Elect Modi and save India

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The cover page article in Time magazine about Modi, describing him to be as the divider by a journalist of Pakistani origin, shows nothing but mere nervousness and fear of several lobbies at national and international level about the growing India, a strong India under the leadership of Modi.

The sycophants and punkah coolies of the dynast are quoting the above article in Time magazine by the Pakistani writer as gospel truth and holy verses. The lobby of the dynast is virtually ignorant about the ground truth that people of India are gravitating towards Modi, inspired and thrilled by Modi and are extremely happy with the corruption and scam free governance, governance dedicated for development and sab ka vikas and therefore people want Modi to be back again as Prime Minister of India.

Obviously the Pakistan and other certain countries never want India to grow strong, decisive and become the economic super power. They always want India to be fragile, amorphous, fluid and weak. Such India is possible only when the government is filled scam and corruption, nepotism and weak response towards national security, least patriotism with full of minority appeasement and such government is possible only if the congress and other tukde tukde gangs win and not Modi.

Therefore the lobby at national and international level wants to defame Modi and India so that their agenda of making India weak, poor in national security, underdeveloped in economic frontiers etc., can be achieved easily. 

By way of defaming Modi, the Indian lobby along with their international counterpart are defaming and weakening India.

For them Modi should not come to power. The reason is simple, Modi is not letting them to loot the nation, Modi is developing India, Modi is decisive and strong in national security, Modi never entertains nepotism and dynastic politics and finally Modi is uniting India by regaining the cultural identity of India – the Hinduism. 


When the lobby over-hype Time magazine to show even that even Time magazine has also criticized Modi, we must see the other side of it, that is, the lobby is trying to defame Modi and India even through Time magazine.

The latest victim of the lobby is Time magazine. That is how we the Indians must understand and delayer the truth. They are not targeting Modi but are targeting India, weakening India, destabilizing the stability and development of India, disrupting the sab ka vikas plank of Modi, want India to be very weak and impecunious.

Modi and BJP are the major roadblock of the lobby to achieve the above, whereas the unwise dynast is willing even to sell India for power. All that the dynast wants is power, opportunity to loot the nation and wants to promote nepotism and sycophancy.     


The lobby is intelligent enough to cause worry upon the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs about Modi that if Modi continues, they must exile to forest or dessert as they would never find any opportunity in future to loot the nation, engage in scam, minority appeasement and politics of destruction. The lobby also want the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs to spread fear among people so that all of them can collectively destabilize India and derail the agenda of development and sab ka vias of Modi.

India need hyper-nationalism, India needs its cultural identity– Hinduism, India need development and national security. Development of India is possible only when the sense of nationalism is there and to ensure every Indians are one and the same, the cultural connect of one India – Hinduism is necessary. Only when India progress as one India, every one participates in the development of the country, India can also achieve strong strategies for our national security. Modi is working overtime to make NEW INDIA of our desire and dream.

The jealous and prejudiced lobby and their political and journalist syndicates are working against India, targeting Modi and spreading nemesis and negativity.

Modi is the index and introduction of NEW INDIA. Therefore the lobby want to defeat Modi as they have recognized the truth that defeating Modi is equivalent to defeating India. 

The hidden agenda of defeating India by defeating Modi is being cleverly suppressed by the lobby and their syndicates. People of India should not fall victim to such treacherous gang and allow the disintegration of India to occur.  India need safety, security, stability, development, sab ka vikas and free of corruption, scam, nepotism and dynastic politics.

People must chant, promote and spread the mantra of save India, elect Modi.  Let us work together to build New India under the Prime Minister-ship of Modi.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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