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Some truths about Akbar you were never taught in history books

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Akbar is portrayed as a great and secular leader in out school text books but is this the reality. Here are some facts about Akbar which will make you think whether he deserves to be in out history books or not:-

-Akbar had 5000 women as sex slaves in his Harem whom he raped and tortured for decades.

-Akbar abducted Hindu women and made them wives or sex slaves.

Akbar destroyed Hindu temples. He desecrated the idol of Eklinga Ji and built a platform for offering Namaz on it.

Akbar used to celebrate victory over Kafir Hindus by raising pillars of cut heads. On 2nd September 1573, he raised a pillar of 2000 cut heads in Ahmadabad

-Akbar butchered 30,000 non-combatants including women and children in a single day on the conquest of Chittor fort thereby breaking all previous murder records set by his fathers and grandfathers. x

-Akbar threw a servant from the top of a tower just because latter mistakenly slept near former’s bed

Akbar was a drunkard and drug addict.

-Akbar was a fanatic Islamist who changed the name of Prayagraj to Allahabad.

Years after marrying Man Singh’s sister, Akbar forced his granddaughter into his harem.

Akbar was the part of Ghazwa e Hind campaign- Concept of bloody conquest of India by Islamic forces with all idol-worshipper men killed/converted to Islam and all women enslaved/raped- as per some holy (?) texts.

I would like to thanks everyone who went through this article.

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