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Mughal atrocities

The realty of ‘Mughalia Saltanat’

Besides constructing magnificent forts, burial tombs and tens of thousands of Mosques, Mughals did nothing for the people.

India of Mughal, Brit and Nehru

Gradually, but in a determined manner, present India is trying to reclaim its indigenous glory and heritage of benign Indic Civilization which is at least five thousand years old.

Why were Hindu temples the primary target of Islamic rulers in India?

Everything the Prophet did was an example for all Muslims to follow — including iconoclasm. From Somnath to Gyanvapi — all stories of temple...

Muslim colonialism in India- A concealed topic

In this colonial narrative, we also unconsciously accept that about 550 years of foreign-Muslim rule in India was very benign, unifying, inclusive and pro-Hindus. Such acceptance is furthest from the truth.

A brief history of Mughals and British

There is a widespread claim that the British took over governing India from the Mughals. This is not correct. The British took over most of India by force, by trickery, vile and devious methods from Hindu Kingdoms, largely Marathas.

काशी विश्वनाथ मंदिर और बाह्य अक्रान्ताओ का आक्रमण

दैवीय और असुरी शक्तियों के मध्य अनादिकाल से ही सम्पूर्ण ब्रह्माण्ड के सञ्चालन के संदर्भ में मतभेद रहे हैं और इसी कारण असुरी शक्तियों ने सदैव दैवीय शक्तियों के विनाश के लिए अनवरत प्रयास किया है

Who were the Mughal invaders that looted India?

India under the Mughals was one of the most miserable countries in the world. The previous Hindu rulers taxed the farmers just 16 per cent of the total produce, the Mughal tax rate was 30-50 per cent, plus some additional cesses.

Letter from Shivaji to Aurangzeb on Jiziya

Jizya was not the only tax that Hindus had to pay. Most Oppressive was KHARAJ, which could take away up to 66% of earnings. It was a significant tax right from Akbar's time.

Jagdish Temple, Mewar

When Aurangzeb invaded Mewar, he sent Ruhillah Khan and Ekka Taz Khan to demolish the famous Jagdish temple which was built in front of the Maharana's palace.

The crisis of the Mongol narrative in India

To constantly set our humanity aside and claim that a Turkic-Mongol king was a poet or had courtiers of different religions ignores the victims absolutely, and is a rather horrifying narrative, taking the agency away from these dead sultans who have definitely claimed to affect their cruelty on the basis of their religion.

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