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Who were the Mughal invaders that looted India?

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India was one of the leading economies in the world but it lost the top spot to China after the Islamic invaders from Turkey, Mongol, etc. attacked and looted India’s universities, disrupted the economic systems, burned/destroyed temples and other religious places.

Leftist and secular historians are right about one thing– the Mughals were the richest dynasty of their time. But wealth has never been the yardstick for greatness. What they don’t see is the reality hiding behind it. India under the Mughals was one of the most miserable countries in the world. The relentless wars of the Mughals, in particular Aurangzeb’s 28 year war of attrition with the Marathas, and the loot of the peasantry were the prime reasons why the Indian economy was in tatters. In contrast to the previous Hindu rulers who taxed the farmers just 16 per cent of the total produce, the Mughal tax rate was 30-50 per cent, plus some additional cesses.

Firstly, our History books and Bollywood are to be blamed for glorifying such barbaric invaders. The Akbar did not look like Hritik Roshan and Aurangzeb did not look like a Shahrukh Khan or Arjun Kapoor. But our Bollywood which is also known as Karachiwood has glorified them as muscular hunks. In fact none of these invaders spoke Urdu language as they were from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Mongol, etc. they always spoke in their local language but in Urdu. The biggest false portrayal of Jodha Akbar’s love story is a brain fade moment, as the marriage was a political engagement and after JODHABAI, Akbar also married many other women (Living aside the Parikhana he had, which was the olden time personal Brothel).

These invaders first looted India and transfered a lot of Gold and other valuables to their country but they had to stay right here (How will a butcher leave away his gold laying egg), so to stay here they needed the surroundings and other things as per their likings. So they decided to break all the temples and other religious places including major universities and then rebuilt their own monuments.

Most of the people were forcefully or willingly (with temptation of some gains or powers) got converted to Islam. And now instead of correcting the incorrect things that their converters did, they intrun are glorifying their barbaric acts.

A burnol moment for the liberals as below are few achievements of their so-called father who built India. These are just a few lines that I wish to write on these invaders. There were many of them but I do not want to waste much time glorifying them.

Babur writes in his autobiography Baburnama: “Suitable money gifts were bestowed from the treasury on the whole army, to every tribe there was, Afghan, Hazara, Arab, Balluch etc to each according to its position. Every trader and student, indeed every man who had come with the army, took ample portion and share of bounteous gift and largess. And indeed to the whole various train of relations and younger children went masses of red and white (gold and silver), of plenishing (furniture and furnishings), jewels and slaves.” Many gifts went to Babur’s extended family in his native Uzbekistan, modern Tajikistan, modern Xinjiang in China and Arabia. “Valuable gifts were sent for the various relations in Samarkand, Khurasan, Kashghar and Iraq and To holy men belonging to Makka and Madin

Aurangzeb The cruel and fanatic Mughal emperor was perhaps the biggest Indian donor to Muslim lands. During the years 1661-67, he received at his court the kings of Persia, Balkh (in Afghanistan), Bukhara, Kashgar (in Xinjiang, China), Urganj (Khiva) and Shahr-i-Nau (in Iran), and the Turkish governors of Basra (in Iraq).

Jahangir writes in his autobiography Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi: “During the reign of my father, the ministers of religion and students of law and literature, to the number of two and three thousand, in the principal cities of the empire, were already allowed pensions from the state; and to these, in conformity with the regulations established by my father, I directed Miran Sadr Jahan one of the noblest among the Seyeds of Herat, to allot a subsistence corresponding with their situation; and this is not only to the subjects of my own realms, but to foreigners – to natives of Persia, Roum, Bokhara, and Azerbaijan, with strict charge that this class of men should not be permitted either want or inconvenience of any type.”

India has an history of never attacking first or invading about country. But sadly many times India was attacked and invaded just for gains and not for rebuilding.

We carry the legacy of Lord Ram, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Guru Govind Singh, Shivaji,etc. who are the example of Great leader.

But very sadly in India the invaders are Glorified and heroes are forgotten.

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