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Manishankar Iyer was punished, Sam Pitroda is cautioned, what would be the punishment of dynast for defeating congress party by calling Chowkidar Chor?

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“They are slaves who fear to speak
For the fallen and the weak;
They are slaves who will not choose
Hatred, scoffing, and abuse,
Rather than in silence shrink
From the truth they needs must think;
They are slaves who dare not be, In the right with two or three”
James Russell Lowell in “Stanzas on Freedom”(1843)

With arrival of Manishankar Iyer to the scene from deep woods has made several people to ask a fundamental question to the Congress party that will there be any punishment to the dynast-Naamdaar for scripting the defeat of congress party by abusing Modi and calling him Chowkidar chor?

Manishankar Iyer called Modi Chaiwalla in 2014 and described Modi to be fit only to serve tea in Congress working committee meeting and he would never become Prime Minister of India. His arrogant Congress mindset has angered the people of India and decided to punish congress party for its Cultureless arrogance and indecency. Indians also want to have a corruption free, good governance of Modi and that was how Modi was elected with massive majority in 2014. The government of Narendra Modi was the best government in independent India since independence and was fully focused onto development, sab ka vikas and national security. The BJP government of Narendra Modi was absolutely free of corruption, nepotism and dynastic culture.

During last Gujarat assembly election, the same Manishankar Iyer called Modi neech possibly attributing to the humble origin and caste of Modi. Due to Manishankar Iyer’s revelation of congress mind set, congress not only lost the support of people of India but also got thoroughly exposed. Subsequently the dynast was forced to take action against Manishankar Iyer. Recently the mentor of both the Bofors scam accused dynast and his son Naamdar who is on bail in National Herald scam– Mr. Sam Pitroda has trivialized the genocide of Sikhs in the after math of the assassination of Indira Gandhi by saying… hua toh hua, so what? As a part of vote bank politics, dynast just cautioned Sam Pitroda and beyond that nothing has happened to the mentor of Bofors scam accused father and his son, naamdaar who is on bail.

The utterances of the dynast – Chowkidar Chor has infuriated several Indians because of two reasons. The first reason being Modi is the most honest leader with not even an iota of scam or corruption record and he is incorruptible and embodiment of truth and honesty. When someone abuses such honest Modi, even the enemies of Modi also would get irritated and infuriated.  This is the reason why even the parties like SP, BSP, TMC etc., avoided the leadership of the dynast and wants to defeat the dynast as the politics of dynast is like negative weed and once it is allowed to spread, difficult to remove.

The second reason is that the dynast and his family are known for corruption and scam.  Starting from Indira Gandhi, to Rajiv Gandhi to mother, his uncle, his sister, his brother in law and he himself carry huge bundle of scam allegation and the mother and son are on bail. How would India view when an established and well branded corrupt call the honest Modi as Chor? Naturally this brute political culture and negativity has put down the congress party and the dynast.

The big question that plague the mind of Indians is that who would punish the dynast for his third rate politics of calling Chowkidar Chor? What would be the punishment to the dynast-naamdaar for abusing Modi so badly and bringing defame to the congress party like Mainshankar Iyer? The answer is quite clear. The dynast naamdaar is beyond punishment, criticism, accountability but all that good that happens to the party and to India will be always attributed to the dynast naamdar. That is the culture of congress party. Everyone in the party except one family alone are criticised, suspended, questioned, warned etc. 

Unfortunately neither Manishankar Iyer nor Sam Pitroda has the guts to question why the dynast naamdaar should not be questioned and punished for the abuses he slashed against Modi and ensured the defeat of the congress party.

No one can question the dynast because slavery and bonded labourer mind set is only running in the party. 

Sheshad Poonawala questioned the dynast, he was ousted from the party. Anyone who questions the dynasty and the dynast has been shown the door starting from Sitaram Kesari, Narasimha Rao, Madav Rao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot, Sharad Pawar etc. 

Indians are curious to watch how the congress party is going to deal the dynast as he is a huge liability to India and to several opposition parties.

Hope the day is not far away the congress party also may declare the dynast to be a liability and would remove him from the party. That would be the day congress party would enjoy true freedom and a stature of true national party.

Save India, elect Modi should be the thought people must chant carry and spread across to save India.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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