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Gandhi and Godse

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Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh
मै एक साधारण स्वयंसेवक, प्रारब्ध से मुंबईकर आत्मा से बनारसी , ca कार्य प्रगति पर, कवि कभी कभी

Godse-The man can  still trends on the social media platforms on any day while Gandhi has his days reserved (birthday, assassination,independence day or republic) just like the history books. On a statement of Sadhvi Pragya the secular got the nitro booster for their agenda car. After independence all the credit has been given to Gandhi, Nathuram godse was portrayed as a villain by the communist historian and the Congress ruled government .What was the fear that the court proceedings which took form of a book called as why I killed Gandhi (Maine Gandhi Kyu mara) was banned for many years.

Just like in Pakistan the kids have been taught Pakistan was founded by Mohammad Ghaznavi (who invaded India), Boundaries of Pakistan extended to the current Bengal of independent India, Pakistan won all war against India. The same framed history and the same story being conveyed to every generation make it believe to be real for a person in Pakistan. If you will give a statement opposite of this you will be cornered in Pakistan and treated as a traitor. The same conclusion has been made for today’s Gandhi and Godse debate. The history of India in today textbook start from Ghaznavi and ends with British Raj.

For the newly born intellectual India was born on August 15,1947. India has been there for time immemorial. Many people have took birth on this holy land and changed the thought process of the world and India. Gandhi was one of them. The concept of nation above all is taught,then how can Gandhi be called father of nation? How a person can become the creator of the nation, the same nation he was born. From current Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Atalji, either it be Nehru or Lord Ram no one has get away from criticism. It is in public knowledge that  Baba Sahab Ambedkar was a critic of Gandhi. The historians has depicted one sided story of the same.

Questions has to be asked on Gandhi’s support to British during the world war 1 even though he was claimed as non violence preacher, for paying to Pakistan, removing Netaji from Congress president post, initiating Khilafat movement which was a clear and cut case of Muslim appeassment. The list can increase,but the question is why can Gandhi’s action can not be questioned?

The act of  Godse can’t be justified but if had he hatred for Gandhi he would not have touched his feet before assassination. He also didn’t tried to escape from the  place. Nathuram took part in civil disobedience movement, was a follower of Gandhi initially but what happened later is due to pain and grief he saw the Sikhs and Hindus were suffering due to partition. He  was running his own publication,spreading the thought of freedom, working towards social reform.

Gandhi in spite of many wrong doings  will be called a torch bearer of freedom, in the same way Godse’s contribution as a freedom fighter can’t be set aside.

Jai Maa Bharati

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Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh
मै एक साधारण स्वयंसेवक, प्रारब्ध से मुंबईकर आत्मा से बनारसी , ca कार्य प्रगति पर, कवि कभी कभी
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