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Mistakes of Gandhiji

The hidden side of M K Gandhi

Gandhi’s gross hypocrisies were guarded by British and Western media, as well as, Indian National Congress. It was not for nothing that Jinnah called M K Gandhi “wily Gandhi”. Gandhi was the wrong man in right time and right place. 

गांधी तुम भी जिंदा थे..

ते मजहब की और धर्म की करते निंदा थे। जब टुकड़े हुए थे भारत के तब गांधी तुम भी जिंदा थे।

Godse is loved by many Indians, here is why

if Godse was a terrorist, so were Khudiram Basu, Binoy Basu, Surya Sen, Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad et al. While the later violently fought against British colonialism, the former killed the perpetrator of self-loathing, apologist, timid and passive Hindu Indian psyche.

Gandhi- One of our greatest sons but NOT the father of our nation

To call Gandhiji as the Father of the Nation is inappropriate. No man deserves that divine title. Gandhi was one of the many greats who shaped our country’s destiny.

Gandhi and Godse

Gandhi in spite of many wrong doings  will be called a torch bearer of freedom, in the same way Godse's contribution as a freedom fighter can't be set aside.

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