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A teenager’s view on the ongoing general elections

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India, a democratic country, formerly known as the golden bird, is now eventually losing its shine.

The elections, which were previously a sane happening, are now turning into scenes of chaos where politicians work to resolve their personal spats. As a teenager, looking onto how politicians have stooped to a new level of low to find their own way and gain votes is plainly horrifying.

The welfare of the people is kept last on the priority list of these leaders, and provocative speeches to put down the other seems to be the trend of the hour.

What we do not realize is that it is those very leaders who we elect as our representatives.

Though my voting age is still a far sight,the conditions we are now witnessing need to be acknowledged.The recent incidence of violence in Kolkata has itself shown us the levels of shame and it it now that we need to understand that this game of propaganda has to stop.

Maybe it will be too late until we take action,Maybe we will be left empty-handed. But until these issues are addressed, it is our democracy that will crumble, and it will be us who will have to suffer.

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